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I love humour - I LOVE to laugh, who doesn't ?
 The 'funnys' from Lord Buckley, Pigmeat Markham, Lenny Bruce , Jackie Mason , Robin Harris ,former frequest guest,Robert Schimmel, the Fawlty Towers and  BlackAdder crews and others, I appreciate them all!
 I did NOT  expect to get any laughs when I opened the  recent press release from the  Mahoning County Democratic Party's Chairman Betras, and certainly not BIG LAUGHS !

Well, Bertram, the Chairman needs a new words-weighing scale, unless, he's going for a new career as comedian.
...and's DAVID :

"I like most of you,  were shocked when I heard that  Judge Mark Belinky resigned....."

Folks, this was NO surprise to Chairman Betras.
This investigation has been going on for years, or, should I say, THESE INVESTIGATIONS have been going on for years. Couple that with the state and federal law enforcers search of Mark Belinky's home AND judge's chambers !!
Experienced attorney, David Betras, KNOWS that Judge Kobly and Judge Houser reviewed BCI's search warrant requests VERY CAREFULLY!

So....Thank YOU, David, for your feigned surprise!  At least,with the sad news about Mark Belinky, I was able to laugh ! ...then, when I SAW David on the news(1:20-1:25)....hey, maybe it's ACTING that the chairman's interested in!  There is an acting  void with Phillip Hoffman gone, and David did a superb job, ACTING,or, feigning surprise, or, as Sergent Shultz would say, "I know nothing", or, in David's case, I KNEW nothing! 

Paolo Conte - Come Di

....the comédie d'un jour, d'un jour d'ta vie, la comédie, the comédie? 

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