The HEROES Went to Sochi !


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On the show, I've often talked about the overuse of the word HERO that I believe has lead to the dilution of the word. These days, it seems that someone doing their job, or, showing concern, or, what we called in the past common courtesy , is deemed a HERO. 

Once again, this week end, I was thinking about that word(hero). It began when I again, watched the Chinese movie HERO. Once again,my eyes watered  when Broken Sword and Flying Snow "go home"...Moon arrives and lets out a scream that pierces me and then, my tears streamed.
Later, I saw some of the Paralympics from Sochi . The Paralympics to where President Obama refused to  send a presidential delegation :
We all KNOW that refusing to send a Presidential Delegation is NOT
I also know that the REAL HEROES wouldn't be in the Presidential Delegation, nor the White House. Knowing that there were veterans from OUR wars participating in the Paralympics made the president's decision even more disgusting.
I saw very  little of the Olympics, but, did watch quite a bit of the Paralympics. I saw REAL heroes. I saw Heroes from around the world  doing the extraordinary.
I watched sled hockey, wheelchair curling,and skiing with one leg or arm, or!
If you missed it, I'm certain there are videos available online and  replays on TV.
 The closing  performances and ceremonies  were amazing  -  inspirational, as well as entertaining.
 The Oxford dictionary defines HERO:  one admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
I cannot imagine the dedication it takes to be an Olympic athlete, to be a Paralympiad must take, well, heroics.

We know heroics  aren't in Washington D.C government, our government....Mr. President, sorry you missed it...YOU could have and should have been there you COULD have been, well, honourable !!!!!

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