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I've re-written this piece too many times.
I've decided to opt for brevity.

Needless to say, but, I honestly believe that I have been the most enthusiastic supporter of Mill Creek Park than any other individual in the media.

I am horrified that  OUR Mill Creek Park & government agencies collaborated in the slaughter of geese. (btw,  a slaughter for which  I received a press release the day AFTER other media received theirs)

The actual slaughter was hidden from the media.

I was able to find national experts to address the issues and alternatives to slaughter,  related to geese and have them live, on my show, within hours.

Whether this was a 'knee-jerk' reaction to golfers complaining or an honest assessment of a problem, obviously I do not believe we'll know the truth.
What I DO know is that I'm not the only one who's horrified and outraged.

I also know this was more of a 'look what we did, than a thoughtful coming together of MCPark - lovers to find a solution....once again, if I, with a staff of ONE could find NATIONAL EXPERTS regarding these issues,who, by the way had more effective solutions as well as more humane ones (these were slow, and painful deaths)....where was the board and management of MCP?

This is a  desecration of a sanctuary !

When we visit Mill Creek Park, we're VISITING nature's HOME.
This was a HOME INVASION and wholesale slaughter.
Park management and board members are TEMPORARY custodians, temporary CARETAKERS.

I KNOW MCP management and some board members want to , quickly, put this behind them....I ASSURE you, I will NOT !!!


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