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We've made a lot of headlines and lists over the years.

Agree or disagree with our rankings, some we're very proud of:
  • Best Cities For Raising A Family-

    No. 4 Youngstown, Ohio

    Rankings (of 100 largest metros):
    Median Income: 96 Cost of Living Index: 18 Housing Affordability: 1 Commuting: 27 Pct. Owning Homes: 10 (73%) Crime: 31 Education: 21
    Still feeling that rust belt economic pain that’s undermining incomes, but affordable with good schools.



Youngstown Means Business: An Entrepreneur’s Magazine Top 10 City to start a business

But, then there are these:

 America's 20 Most Miserable Cities: No. 18 Youngstown, Ohio


12 Of The Bleakest Places On Earth

You probably won’t want to go on holiday to any of these places

9. Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A.

oh, and :

America's Fastest Shrinking City: The Story of Youngstown, Ohio

There are those who STILL argue whether Youngstown belongs on these lists/articles and/or  whether these lists have any validity, taken out of true context, etc, etc.

One aspect that  all who live or visit here agree on, is OUR wondrous Mill Creek Paradise(more commonly called, Mill Creek Park or Mill Creek Metroparks)

Sadly, by the  actions of some, we've made another list:





Summer 2014


 This website displays the cruel and vicious actions of certain communities and agencies toward Canada Geese. These craven, cruel and cowardly communities round up and slaughter Canada Geese during their most vulnerable period - the molt.

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