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I don't know how many times I've tried to write a piece on TEDDY FOLTZ.

I always delete the piece before finishing, usually because my words are  harsh and very angry.

Of course, I'm angry at the monsters  shain widdersheim and zaryl bush. Yes, I know that anger doesn't usually result in positive change. My suppressed anger doesn't begin, nor end w/ widdersheim and bush. It's awful that we ALL KNOW that there are insufficient laws protecting children, yet, we plod along year after year, state representatives and state senators come and go, U.S.Congresses come and go,presidents come and go (many of these folks enriching themselves along the way), yet, they move on leaving  ALL the laws to protect kids and punish the monsters too weak and fail to enact new protections/punishments.

Another internal struggle I've had - I'll never know ALL of the facts. DON'T misunderstand, I KNOW enough to feel as I do about the monsters widdersheim and bush. What I'm not 100% certain of, ---where were the others ?

I've read the news. Asked questions, and, still, some questions eat at me.

Reporter Joe Gorman had written that the other family members had no idea Teddy was being abused, because his mother refused access to the boy. I'm VERY troubled when I read that Teddy's FATHER hadn't seen Teddy for YEARS:
 "“She held him from me for the last five years, and she would hide things,” ... She would make excuses as to why the boy couldn’t visit his father, Tedesco said.“He liked to play football,” he said of his son, whom he said he hadn’t seen since his 10th birthday. (remember, Teddy was 14 when he was murdered.) I cannot say how hard Tedesco tried to see his son. I know it's easy to be looking in from the outside, but for YEARS he didn't see his son? How hard did Tedesco try to see HIS son,Teddy ?  Did Teddy STILL like to play football?  Why did widdersheim have custody? We may NEVER know the answers. I DO KNOW that the so called 'cracks' in social services can become gaping crevasses, and likewise with schools.
There's another VERY troubling issue :

Family friend April Williams said the family was certain Widdersheim knew about the alleged abuse happening not only to Teddy, but also to her other two children.

“As far as the family is concerned, she knew everything that was going on,” said Williams, who was friends with Widdersheim and whose kids played with Widdersheim’s.

Williams said a grandmother of the children had the children tell Widdersheim about Bush physically abusing them more than two years ago, but Widdersheim refused to hear it.

When grandmother told widdersheim about the abuse, and widdersheim did nothing, what happened then? Was it time to watch  American Idolaters or  Who's Dancing on Mars?

I have no problem calling out the many misses of social services,  school systems, and  'our' elected officials many failures to enact laws to TRULY protect children and REMOVE, PERMANENTLY, those who abuse children, but, what of  these others?  A balloon release  and a park bench ? That may make the organizers feel better, but,  if the same efforts used to save Teddy from his torture and murder are the efforts that are being used to change the laws ..........the more things stay the same.

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