The Unanswered Knock of Love: Not a Long December


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I have failed to write an Unanswered Knock of Love piece ...for a LONG time. So, why now?
In the past I've done some  ' Long December'  year end blogs while listening to the Counting Crows song, but this year, it's just not inspiring me, at least not tonight .

Over the last few weeks of  2013 , well, of every year, the show gets pitched interviews on new year's resolutions. Most deal with losing weight, stopping smoking, eating  healthier, starting  an exercise programme, getting a better job, budgeting money...well, you know, but loving more and being kinder... soul softening, which I believe is soul-strengthening, doesn't seem to make the lists. Sometimes relationship issues  are there, but not at the top and NEVER just about LOVING.

There are so many lonely people that say they're looking for love, but, for some reason or reasons, never answer that knock of love. Maybe we're so busy keeping ourselves, what we believe to be 'safe' , so busy building that wall that we believe protects us, not realizing that that same wall isolates us. We fear being vulnerable , yet' it's that vulnerability that ALLOWS the possibility of LOVE to come IN ! Yes, I know, only too well that vulnerability has risks, but I sincerely believe those risks are worth the possible rewards. We've all heard the expression ' no pain, no gain', and yeah, we ALL know THAT couple that were high-school sweethearts that seem to cruise thru life with the greatest of ease...we've also seen those  who've won millions of dollars in the lottery, but that's them...not, us!
  You know the story of Saul, the pious Jew, who, one Sabbath while praying  in synagogue, his yarmulke(skull cap) on his head, wrapped in his tallit (prayer shawl)  said: " G-d, I've been a good Jew all my life. I read Torah, do mitzvahs(good deeds), I'm charitable and try to heal the world, I honour YOUR commandments,  I  keep the Sabbath day holy....I've never asked anything for myself, but now, G-d, I'm asking to win the lottery..." Next Sabbath, Saul's back, praying, once again: "G-d, I'm good to my wife, to my children, I volunteer, I donate, I'm loving and kind...I've never asked for anything for myself, but now I ask, PLEASE, G-d, let me win the lottery, I'll be charitable with the winnings. PLEASE G-d, let me win the lottery ..." The following Sabbath, we AGAIN find Saul in synagogue, praying, begging: " G-d, I ask for one thing and one thing ONLY and will NEVER ask for ANYTHING again, for myself, I've been a good, pious Jew all my life, please let me win the lottery ! All of a sudden, Saul hears THE VOICE of GOD say: "Saul, meet me half way...BUY A TICKET ! "

Am I somehow equating having LOVE, LOVING, being LOVED to winning the lottery?  NO. What I AM saying , is no risk, no reward. The higher and stronger we build walls to protect our hearts from hurt, the more difficult it becomes for love to reach us. Yeah, love hurts. NLP's Dr Richard Bandler and I have talked a lot about this on the show. Richard's love, Richard's wife died. After which, his friend, former BrainFood  guest, Robert Anton Wilson wrote him a note that said "...all great loves end in tragedy, or they wouldn't be great loves..." some one dies..first.

We CAN 'protect' our hearts from that ultimate hurt, but, at what cost: loneliness , sadness, emptiness...
I believe that love is ecstasy, joy, happiness and pain. You can love to the degree that you can feel emotional pain...we feel emotional pain to the degree we love.
Ok, so, what's the point? The point is, MORE LOVE THIS YEAR....let more in, keep less out ! Will we get hurt, yes, will we get LOVED?  YES, if we put some soul-softening into it, some soul-strengthening into it . If we ANSWER when LOVE comes a knocking, , but, we need to remember, WE need to be the KNOCKER TOO, like God told Saul: "meet me half way..."

So THIS year, go a knocking with love, if you knock enough, and listen enough, if you keep your heart open, you might just win the lottery of love, which, unlike the state money lotteries, your chances of winning are great, the love you invest....multiplies !


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