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Last  Monday, Todd Franko, Mark Sweetwood, Bertram deSouza and I had a  radio round-a-bout regarding Youngstown State University Randy Dunn. At that point, it was tweeted,facebooked, well, rumoured that Randy was packing his leaving trunk - moving on.
That was confirmed.
We reconvened on Tuesday to discuss: what now-who's next?
With YSU trustee, Sen. Harry Meshel , joining the discussion, Jim Tressel's name surfaced... again. 
Then came U.S. Congressman, Tim Ryan's letter to the YSU board of trustees urging them to make coach Tressel YSU's next president:
“We hope that the board considers moving expeditiously to make this happen. We all have known Jim personally for many years and strongly believe that he will bring all of the skill and experience needed to lead Youngstown State University forward.”
Tim's letter was signed by a number of local's,such as, Denise DeBartolo-York, Tony Cafaro, Eric Ryan, Presley Gillespie,Ed Muransky,Tom Humphries,Dave Johnson...and a number of others,  some I know,some I respect and value their opinion.
Absent from the list: educators and higher education administrators. Then, adding their names to the list,the Trumbull county commisioners...and, not to be out-Tresseled, the Mahoning county commissioners.

----Has ANYONE explored the possibility of ANY other candidates?----

Q) Could coach Tressel surround himself with well-qualified personnel and be a fantastic university president ?

A)  Certainly.

 Now, in fairness, I don't know the totality of  Jim Tressel's football legacy. What I DO know, is that most people associate Jim Tressel WITH football.
 So,I went to Wikipaedia and found this:

While at Youngstown State University, Tressel led the team to win four NCAA Division I-AA Football Championships. He was hired by Ohio State University prior to the start of the 2001 season to replace John Cooper. During his tenure as Ohio State's 22nd head football coach, Tressel's teams competed in three BCS National Championship Games, and his 2002 squad won a national title, achieving the first 14–0 season record in major college football since UPenn went 15–0 in 1897.

However, Tressel resigned from OSU as head coach in May 2011 amid an NCAA investigation into rules violations during the prior 2010 season. The investigation resulted in OSU self-vacating victories from the 2010 season (including the 2011 Sugar Bowl).[1] Tressel finished his career at Ohio State with an official overall record of 94–22 (.810), including six Big Ten Conferencechampionships, a 5–4 bowl record, a 4–3 mark in BCS bowl games, and an 8–1 record against the arch-rival Michigan Wolverines. Tressel's eight wins against Michigan place him second in school history to Woody Hayes, who had 16, and he is the only Ohio State head coach to win seven consecutive games against the Wolverines".

I have spoken to a number of educators over the last week. One YSU professor said to me " I can tell you that I would be EMBARRASSED to teach at an institution where someone  was so absurdly ill-qualified or deserving of being president. " 


It seems  that there are those who are desperate to get President Randy Dunn OUT - GONE  and Jim Tressel IN !

Almost as  if to say that Dr. Dunn was never really here.


Vindicator reporter,Denise Dick's article:  40% of Ohio Grads Need Developmental Courses in College  combined with the  rapidly changing job market, engineering and technology's swift changes, PLUS the competitive nature of online  degrees will require someone that is VERY unique, and , speaking of unique, there's the Mahoning Valley's reputation 'issues'.

Have any of the signers and signers-on considered the image to the out-of-the-valley view of a university who puts Jim Tressel in as the outside world, a successful football coach?

  The Oxford dictionary defines 'university', as :

a high-level educational institution in which students study for degrees and academic research is done

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