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Invitation to Teddy's Father, Shawn

By Louie b. Free (Contact)

Published February 8, 2014

Untitled document
I was checking my emails as I was   preparing to post my new blog, which is a part II , to:
 TEDDY, when I read some emails regarding, what I believe to be, your post  :

  " I have read numerous comments on this site since my son passed away. And to tell you the truth i stay out of them. Because the a personal opinions and judgments. First things first i paid my child support so lets clear that up right now. I had rough spots in my life buy who hasnt ? But i always made sure my debts were paid back. Problem is children are used as pawns when they shouldn't be. They should have the love of their parents. One thing i know is Teddy loved me. We had conversations on the phone. He always wanted to know why he didn't have my last name and to tell you the truth that was his moms decision and the reason why i didn't sign his birth certificate. And as a father i have that right. But when i think back on it, it was one of the dumbest decisions i have ever made. I made that decision when i was 17. And for that reason she blocked me from being at the hospital. Although i don't have to prove anything to anyone i feel that when it comes to not having ones facts straight i should say something. Some of the comments i have read are nothing short of classless. We started a vision back in February of last year to fight for stiffer penalties against child abuse and to change the system for our youth. I dont do this for guilt or press. I do it for Teddy and his memory. He deserves to be remembered for something great. And each negative comment takes away from that vision. I may have my haters but i will never quit. I dealt with Shains excuses for years. She has never admitted anything she ever did and she is not going to start now. I have never once claimed to be a perfect father. If you go on Teddys Law i'm pretty truthful on their. If you feel the need to put me down because you have a personal vendetta so be it. But one thing i am not is an abuser and a murder. AND IM NOT IN PRISON! I would never do that to anyone of my children because i actually have a heart. I just never was able to prove that to Teddy. If you don't believe i didn't pay child support thats on you but money is what held me back. Attorneys and court fees are pricey. and you cant afford one when you made 150 a week. This is all im going to post on this matter."

In light of fairness,  your recent  post, and, The Vindicator article which will run tomorrow, Sunday, I am refraining to publish my blog, as,once again, I  am inviting you to come in, to come on the show, and have a conversation ...a live, unedited, open  conversation with me. My fairness is NEVER in question.
I DO know that there's SO much that we, the public, do NOT know. Questions that ONLY YOU can address. I'm looking for an exchange WITH you, not a grilling OF you. NOT soundbites, but, again, a conversation.
I will accommodate your schedule, and, if you're unable to come on during the live  show times, I'll meet you at the studio at your convenience .

 ~Louie b. Free


1lbf(220 comments)posted 2 years, 5 months ago

Widdersheim's family denies abandoning her
Teddy Foltz’s mom talks about her failure to protect her son
Ernie Brown's columns( Ernie's on w/me now)

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2breezeyinpa(10 comments)posted 2 years, 5 months ago

Whatever happened to the saying "innocent until proven guilty". Shame on you Mr Free for trying to make an already broken man have to prove his innocence to you so your blog will have more attention from the public. I hope you sleep easy at night knowing the pain you have caused.

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3lbf(220 comments)posted 2 years, 5 months ago

"...prove his innocence"?

and, btw, I'm an insomniac...any suggestions?

Oh, and Breezey, please don't assume you know my intent.

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4breezeyinpa(10 comments)posted 2 years, 5 months ago

By proving his innocence I am referring to the lies from whatever source you are using telling the public that Shawn did not pay child support. Does he have to show written proof that he paid support on Teddy to you so you will retract your terrible lies? I know for a fact that his case is paid and closed in Trumbell county. Sad that we have to prove Shawn as a child support paying father to people who have passed unjust judgement on a good hearted man. Also, I know for a fact that you have his phone number to call him and have yet to do so. As for your insomnia, maybe if you would research a man before spreading horrible untruths then your night could be full of a rest full slumber.

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5lbf(220 comments)posted 2 years, 5 months ago


When was I "...telling the public that Shawn did not pay child support" ?
I believe you're confusing my comments with comments of others.

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6Jplumbob(5 comments)posted 2 years, 4 months ago

My wife and Teddy's mother were best friends until Shain turned my back on her family and friends. Wife was Teddy's Godmother. I have been with her since Teddy was a baby. My wife and Shain were together all the time. How many times did I meet Teddy's father? ZERO. Just stating the fact I never met this person until after Teddy's death and then it was not all that pleasant.

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