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"Louie, I was surprised to hear your cruel commentary on Robin Williams  on your show this morning..." ----this was from a listener's email.

I opened the show today, talking about Robin Williams, well, I began with my frustration with the media, last night and this morning. Last night(11Aug) I watched NHK News , hey, i like watching NHK, but, .... with the turmoil from New Orleans to Missouri, the west on fire, the war in Warren, Ohio to Israel and Iraq, HSUS's Corey Roscoe in Paradise... I wanted some NEWS, not sad clowns and Peter Pan (btw, I loved that film, btw,  I was Oak 'top of the Hill's Peter Pan in the very early 70's). The Angel Bunny on my shoulder whispered in my ear "...Robin Williams is/was a cultural icon" . I understand that, but what he did was vicious and selfish.

With suicide , one says" I've got this load of crap  on my back, I'm gonna lay it on you and I'm gonna split, you carry it...for the rest of your life"

What I've learned: Robin Williams has/had three children,three children that he's cursed, cursed with always wondering, always pained  with questions "What did I miss? What didn't I do? What didn't I say? What should I have done? How could I have helped dad?" Why didn't I do more? Why did dad do this to ME?... and many more questions, questions without answers....EVER. They'll be plagued with painful questions that will NEVER be answered. 

Robin's gone but his children's pain will never be gone, not gone completely . Yes, they'll find some way or ways to deal with the pain , and I shudder to think of what some of those ways might be. I sincerely hope they'll find some level of peace...some way to lighten the weight of the cross they'll bear, the cross their father laid on their shoulders. Robin's pain is gone, at least in this world, his children's worst pain has just begun... 

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