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Long time listeners to BrainFood from the Heartland will remember the many, many times that *Jack Anderson was on the show. Jack Anderson told us stories about President Kennedy's life and murder..Cubans and the mafia, stories  that ONLY Jack could tell. 

I wish i could remember how Bun-E or I first found Jack AND how we convinced him to do the show, but we did...and he did ! 
Jack and I talked about everything from President Kennedy and J.Edgar Hoover (who said Jack was "lower than the regurgitated filth of vultures" to, well, James Traficant. Jack pulled no punches, he was straight forward with occasional  humour and a laugh, a wonderful laugh.  

Jack Anderson and I became long-distance friends. We began talking off-air more than on-air.  Jack and I spoke about his suffering with Parkinson's illness.

Jack told me that people who  regularly called him in the past had stopped. He said  that I and a long-time friend of his from Parade Magazine were the only two media people that still "cared about this old man" - When Jack said that, I was  both saddened and gladdened.  

Jack's Parkinson's worsened. Sometimes, he wasn't able to do a scheduled interview, because, as he would say that his mouth "got in the way of his tongue".  Sometimes a family member answered, told me it wasn't a 'good time', but asked me to "please call back, it will cheer him up if he knows your still interested..."  Still interested ??? Jack Anderson was an encylopaedia of twentieth century history and scandals - PLUS Jack was at the top of President Richard Nixon's enemies list AND Gordon Liddy, one of Nixon's Watergate burglars, plotted Jack Anderson's murder ! 
Jack loved talking with me about my take on  James Traficant - - - Jack ALWAYS encouraged me to press forward.
As I write this, I'm surprised by the tears in my eyes...I am suprised that I'm feeling as sad as I do...even now, after nearly 8 years since Jack Anderson's passing. So, today, as always, when the talk turns to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, MY thoughts turn to Jack Northman Anderson...Jack, I miss you.
note to youngsters:

Jack Northman Anderson was a newspaper columnist. He was syndicated by United Features Syndicate. Mr Anderson, a father of modern investigative journalism ! 

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