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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries

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What will the next  excuse be, if ever I hear one?

I've made numerous attempts to reach Warren's mayor, Doug Franklin, MONTHS  before I began to refer to the city as War-In Ohio.

 I began making  attempts to talk with Mayor Doug well before  the tragic accident  that took the lives of our community's  children :  Alexis Cayson, 19; Andrique Bennett, 14; Kirklan M. Behner, 15; Daylan Ray, 15; Brandon A. Murray, 14; and Ramone M. White, 15. All were from Warren.
He's was  too busy    before that accident, which occurred in March of this year, certainly very busy immediately after that horrific accident.... and still, too busy.
The reasons, when I've been given then, vary, as does my belief in the veracity of those reasons .
Certainly he has been busy, at a job he asked the people to give him.

The reality is, there's a war going on in the streets of Warren, Ohio. The mayor can ignore my requests for time, but can't ignore the screams from the bloody streets and sidewalks of the city...the city that Doug Franklin asked  the people to allow him to mayor.

I had my issues...well,  I have my issues with former Youngstown mayor, now gantzeh macher, Jay Williams, but Jay, while Mayor, and, when in town did respond.

From the numerous home invasions, crime, with, and at  kids, shoot-outs. drive-bys and murders...too numerous to cite in this

Warren schools, mayor and police cancel tonight’s Harding game


Warren City Schools, in collaboration with Mayor Doug Franklin and the Warren Police Department, have canceled tonight’s football game at Mollenkopf Stadium.

Superintendent Michael Notar said the cancellation is because there has been “a lot of tension throughout the city this week, and we felt for the safety of our students, parents, staff and community this is the right decision.” ...................I must have missed Mayor Franklin's quote, statement, outrage, tears, or response.

 I saw this at the Vindicator's politician biographies: is imperative that the city be both creative and innovative in finding new ways to solve old problems.

I know there are those who want to blame everything from  Detroit to a lack of  parents for the War-In-Warren, but blame doesn't solve problems. Looking outward doesn't solve problems.

When I was young, they taught us to hide under our desks when there was an emergency... Hey Doug, I don't know how old you are,but if you were also taught that, it was for kids...NOT leaders !!!

I'll be calling , I hope you'll respond.

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