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After  talking w/ Bertram about area corruption indictments recently , I saw Frank Lordi driving around.

In 2009 The Vindicator's Bertram de Souza wrote this:

There's talk that former Mahoning County Commissioner Frank Lordi, who served eight months of an 18-month prison sentence, has asked Gov. Ted Strickland for clemency. If granted, it would wipe Lordi's criminal record clean.

But the individual who prosecuted the former commissioner in 1999 for theft in office is expected to oppose any intervention by the governor. Atty. David Betras, who was appointed special prosecutor, has long maintained that Lordi has never admitted any wrongdoing, even after he was convicted by a common pleas court jury.

Indeed, after his release on shock parole in January 2002, Lordi filed motions for a new trial on the grounds that Betras had withheld information that could have cleared him. But the 7th District Court of Appeals ruled that the defendant and his lawyers could have obtained the information themselves....

I've spoken with Frank Lordi a number of times, and, I feel badly for Frank.
Frank has expressed some alleged 'facts' from his case that MAY be, well may have been quite interesting to explore.

Frank is waiting for someone, somewhere, to take up his story. Every day Frankie  waits, his 'story' gets more stale.

I don't know if Frank is trying to exonerate himself or reinvent himself or some hybrid of the two.

What I do know is that many of you who are reading this now don't know any more about Frank than what you learned by  reading  the few lines above from BdS's column from 2009...and every day that passes, Frank's story gets a bit more stale.

Frank would like some one to document his 'story' but wasn't willing to share it when it was hot, well, OK , when it was still lukewarm.

Not unlike Joe Louis Teague, Frank would tell me that he had video tapes, sworn statements, etc, that would prove....something, but he never shared them .

When I'd invite him on the show, he was never certain if it was "the right time".
Frank was always looking for a bigger gig, well, hopeful that a bigger gig would find him.
The last time I spoke with him about finally coming clean, Frank said something about consulting with...someone.

Again, I like Frank Lordi and wish him well, but I believe as more indictments come, or at least when,if ever, Lisa Antonini gets sentenced, with the double/double lawyers in trouble comes to light, the cloud over the county court house will clear, and Frank Lordi will still be looking for the best place to tell his 'story'. Sadly it will be too late's too late now.

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