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They never stop...they never miss an opportunity to re-victimize.

They ALWAYS take just one more shot...damage one more more awful memory...and justice???? NEVER !

Paedophiles are monsters, monsters in our midst .
Sadly, we think monsters should look like Lon Chaney when his mask was pulled, Freddy Krueger or, for the younger readers, someone from one of the recent zombie series, but they don't.

They don't 'look' like the monsters that they are.  They're  regular looking men and women like Jerry Sandusky,Philip Koufos, Stephen Baker, etc. ...and they don't stop. They re-victimize by blaming the victim , and in Baker's case, take one last stab at the victimS' heart without allowing ANY justice.

Oh, sure, the faithful can believe there's some 'higher court' operated by hallo-wearing wing-ed ones or a lower court operated by horned, pointed-tailed, cloven-hoofed creatures that will do...well, something. Others can believe that somehow reincarnation's the answer, but the victims STILL get re-victimized.

This particular vicious monster, Stephan Baker, was reached by WKBN/WYTV earlier this month:

...Baker, reached at about 9:45 a.m. Wednesday in his room at St. Bernadine’s monastery in Newry, Pa., about seven miles south of Altoona, said he was shocked when alerted of the accusations in a brief phone interview with the newsroom.
“I’m flabbergasted,” Baker said. “I’ll have to ask my superiors if I can say anything.”
Baker then hung up and failed to return the call....

surprise (someone) greatly; astonish. from Oxford)

More lies, more victimization.

When Baker committed suicide, he victimized AGAIN. Once AGAIN, striking and leaving.  Baker knows...well, knew what most of us know - he had victimized MANY more than we'll ever know. Many of Baker's victims will never come forward. I only hope that those victimized will be  able to stop re-victimizing themselves with their painful memories, memories created beyond their control, memories created, perpetrated by a monster, a monster that struck one more time, a monster that CHOSE to try to tear out one more piece of his victim's  hearts and souls, as he took the cowardly way out........


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