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I'm a Merry Christmas guy. When people say "happy holiday", I'm not sure - are they referring to  Christmas, Chanukah, Omisoka, Dia de Reyes(Los Tres Reyes Magos) or Zartusht-No-Diso. Okay, yes, I'm a Jew,I understand the 'sensitivity' of the 'happy holiday's' thing, but come on. Let us , at the very least, enjoy what SHOULD be the spirit of Christmas. No, no, of course not the obscene commercialism, but that child-like sense of wonder when they see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, sparkling lights adorning homes, warm greetings, hot  chai, and CHARITY...people feeding and clothing hungry, cold, folks & donating time and dollars. Saying 'Merry Christmas", at least to me, is a wonderful wish and blessing, and should be to ANYONE receiving those words !
Yeah, I'm a Jew. I don't celebrate religious Christmas, but, I love the lights,sounds,  smells and, mostly,  the people who use that special Christmas Key to open that special part of their hearts this time 'o year.
A Christmas tree in my house? "You betcha"(thanks, Sarah) ! I wouldn't be without one, and, yeah, a live one ! You don't know Christmas tree happiness until you see a Jew, not raised with a tree, light up when the tree's lights sparkle in his (or her) eyes  and that pine scent permeates the air !
Do I recycle the tree just  after Christmas---absolutely NOT !!! Well, not till WAY after Christmas

my wife (early January): " how about taking the tree down and getting it recycled?"
me: "no way!..not yet, she's still drinking water !"

my wife (mid January):  " how about taking the tree down and getting it recycled?"
me: "no way, she's still drinking a bit and not a lot of needles are falling ..yet"
my wife (early February): "the tree's now a fire hazard"
me,reluctantly: "ok"

I will share this with you, when we first put up a tree, we received an anonymous letter saying "...we cannot believe that you Jews would be so disrespectful to put up a Christmas tree..." to which I responded by running out in the front yard with the letter in hand screaming "..and Merry Christmas to ALL !!!!!...."

So, to you, as I said then, MERRY CHRISTMAS , and , if you see me, PLEASE, say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" !

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