" Where's Jesse Jackson ? Where's Al Sharpton ?"


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by Louie b. Free   | 348 entries

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Since the George Zimmerman trial,  I've received quite a number of emails  regarding Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ...they came in greater numbers last  week.

They came after the  white boy was beaten by the black boys on the bus, and now,  (from the Irish Independent) : "Three 'bored' teens charged with murder of Australian baseball player, Christopher Lane". Now, the(from NBC news regarding the 88 year old who was beaten to death: "The suspects are black and Belton was white, but Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub said race didn't appear to be a factor in the attack."
The  comments I'm receiving either begin or end very similarly:  ' Where's Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ? '

Well, my question back to  "where's Al & Jesse" is ' why would you think that Jesse Jackson and/or Al Sharpton would be speaking up and our about anything other than the most self-serving ? Why are you mistaking these frauds for upstanding men? They are 'fourberies' !  (FOURBERIE- Fr.)

Need I remind you of Jesse Jackson in 1984 referring to Jews as "hymies" and New York City as "Hymietown"?

Al Sharpton's “on behalf of the offended African-American community,”  --really Al ? I cannot find a black person  who feels that Sharpton speaks for them anymore than I can find a  white person saying that Rush Limbaugh speaks for them !

If you're listening for honest outrage and pain -  hoping to hear that from  from Jesse and Al , you're listening in the wrong place. 

Maybe  whites need to hear  black voices crying out with pain regarding the violence from within the black community.

We needn't look to Chicago, Spokane, Duncan or Sanford  to witness the blood on streets - the blood on the streets of Y-town and War-In should be enough to elicit the screams from any one w/any compassion.

  ...Just look and you'll see the blood on the streets...just listen and you'll hear the crying, the wailing and the pain....

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