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Let me say at the outset of this piece that I know and personally like former Youngstown Police officer Phil Chance Jr. I certainly understand and would expect that  he would take the best deal that he could make.

Ok, that being said, I am told  that SOME law enforcement investigative agencies REQUIRE a 'COMMITMENT TO PROSECUTE' from the prosecuting authority PRIOR to accepting a public official corruption case. Simply paraphrased: if you want our investigatory skills, if we find criminal conduct you WILL prosecute. <- that's a period.

In the case of ,now, former YPD officer Phil Chance Jr, :

"Chance was found to have misappropriated property while on duty on Sept. 6. A search warrant was executed Sept. 7, where investigators found the item in question in Chance’s personal vehicle.

Chance had previously signed an agreement with the department after a series of internal affairs investigations. The agreement said he would be fired for any additional serious violations of department policies." So. guess that means misappropriating property while on duty isn't a serious violation of department policies--eh?

...and, by-the-way, what's the message to the 99+% of law enforcers that would never break the law, or violate department policies?

People that I've spoken with, law enforcers,public employees and public officials are very dismayed that, once again, a person accused of corruption just walks away.

Hence, the Youngstown Option(for public officials/employees), just resign, go away, or, as I say on the show 'walk in backwards and tell us you were leaving'...not taking the Youngstown option will result in criminal charges and then being fired.

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