MEN to boys: GROW UP!!!


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries

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Here we go again with the messages we've heard over the last few  fall seasons : Time to Man Up
Yeah, and then there's: Don't Fear the Finger
These two statements are made in the effort to encourage males to have their prostate's examined.
Shame on you males!
Women KNOW that they need   mammograms , pelvic exams , pap smears ,etc ALL without complaint!! Women don't need to be intimated or cajoled into doing what's proper for their health - they just do it!
Every fall Doctor Vargo comes in and gives me a live-on-air prostate exam. He has a microphone on him to describe the exam and give the results, I also have a mic so males can hear my perspective: briefly uncomfortable, NOT painful.
Males don't need to 'man-up' they need to GROW UP !

oh, and, by the way: It takes more time to read this piece than it takes fo the actual prostate exam.


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