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So, Senate President, what DO you DO?

It's clear that paedophiles are released back into our communities to re-offend.

OUR legislatures come up with clearly flawed laws that prohibit  convicted sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet from a school .

What does that mean? Well, that we HAD incarcerated someone so dangerous that they cannot be trusted to live within a thousand feet of a school yard. They CAN , however,  live 1001 feet from a school yard,  for example: in an apartment complex where there are children, well, you get the stupidity of the law.

NOW, this,from The Vindicator:

Senate President Tom Niehaus, a Republican from New Richmond, said Wednesday he does not intend to bring up the bill before the end of the lame duck session. The chamber’s last voting session of the year could be today.

“I have concerns with the bill,” Niehaus said. “I continue to look at it, but I don’t expect it to come up. ... We appear to treat abuse of animals and penalize people more for that than we do for the abuse of children. And I think that just doesn’t make any sense.”

Tom Niehaus , in the above quote, CLEARLY points out the weakness of Ohio's laws  regarding the abuse of children. So, instead of doing something about STRENGTHENING our laws on the abuse of children, Tom uses that as his excuse for NOT doing  what's in OUR State's best interest : giving prosecutors the tools to effectively prosecute the abuse of animals.

It's a prosecutorial TOOL,TOM !

Just because I have a power drill  in my tool kit doesn't mean that I need to use it to replace a screw in my eyeglasses.

Neihaus' failure to lead, to raise the bar, to strengthen Ohio's abuse of children's laws, to provide prosecutorial tools on animal abuse, keeps Ohio, not  The Heart of it All, but The Heartbreak of it ALL...

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