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I was broadcasting from the Wick Building - just back from my Ashtabula Exlie.  Every weekday I'd take a  morning  ride in the beautiful old elevator - when it worked, which, fortunately was most of the time. Scott or one of the lovely ladies would wisk me up to the 12th floor .  During those shows, we spoke alot about the wars-not unlike we do today.  I had heard about Cindy Sheehan .Cindy's son Casey had been killed shortly after arriving in Iraq  as part of our military invasion of that country.  We'd call her almost daily for on-air updates  and I'd speak with her (of-air) frequently in the evening . I'd sit on my  driveway talking with her - trying NOT to imagine how she must feel. She was very upset with President G.W.Bush: "We haven't been happy with the way the war has been handled. The President has changed his reasons for being over there every time a reason is proven false or an objective reached." During one of our on-air morning talks, Cindy told us that she was planning to go to Texas and  camp out in Crawford, near Bush's ranch . She wanted to ask G.W.B ONE question : "What  is the noble cause  that my son died for?" These calls with Cindy  often brought tears to my eyes - hearing this mom TRYING to find an answer that would never come.
Cindy arrived in Crawford Texas. We continued to do on-air updates. One evening Cindy told me that folks were coming from to 'camp' with her. Cindy hoped that the more folks that arrived and stayed with her - the better her chances of having the President answer her ONE QUESTION. Cindy Sheehan had ONE issue - THE WAR in Iraq - PERIOD ! Shortly after that - an  AM call to Cindy was answered by someone else. When I asked who this person was, I ,was given a name and told she was with and that THEY were now "handling the media requests..." Shortly after that, Cindy was in the major  media commenting on Latin American issues, Israel, Europe, etc. Cindy's message was HIJACKED by a so-called progressive coalition who's objective was putting Democrats into powerful political positions. Cindy's message was diluted then lost, but Democrats WON. THEY used Cindy -and the death of her son Casey, for THEIR objectives - as parasites use a host.

As the OCCUPY 'movement'... the "we ARE the 99%" occupations/marches,etc grow, I have concerns - I'm concerned that the political parties that rule us,U.S. will attempt to hijack this 'movement' to satisfy their lust for political power.  Democrats (and their related organizations) and Tea Party Republicans(and others)  will be parasites that  suck  the life blood of their hosts.  Those TRUE BELIEVERS must be cautious NOT to allow this to happen. We need to KNOW that these ruling parties ARE the problem. Their politically incestuous relationships with lobbyists ,etc are helping them WIN while WE, "the 99%" lose.  When a recent poll shows: 88% of Americans polled do NOT believe Congress (Democrats and Republicans) is heading in the correct direction - that shows that we need change- REAL CHANGE, not just from 'one side of the aisle' to the other. If the 99%ers can keep their independence,America just may have a chance for some REAL LEADERSHIP.

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