"It's Coming Apart..."


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Tuesday afternoon, over some tea, an acquaintance said to me: " It's coming apart for a lot of people here...you can feel it."

It's not only the talk of the town, but the feel of the town - the whispers and wonders of: who's next.

If you know a downtown lawyer or  a downtown government employee - ask them . The mood in the Mahoning County Courthouse and adjacent county building is "suspicious" , "quiet" "nervous" ....winks and nods , whispers, "the courthouse is a ghost town..." all wondering who's next.

 Vindy columnist Bertram deSouza(BdS) recently wrote a piece asking the Feds to give us a dirty politician list.

I'm now told that a small group of locals are putting together a piece that will allege a nefarious relationship 'tween the "local businessman", Mr.Cafaro, and a leading candidate poised to replace the  former Mahoning County Treasurer who resigned after admitting corruption. This small group intends to use the name of an American  revolutionary  horseback riding hero. We hope their agenda is good government, but someone else, now an elected official, once used that name...and more indictments are coming. Being warned in one thing --heeding the warning's another.....oh, and lest we forget:

AFTER Jim Traficant(former US congressman) was CONVICTED on all TEN counts in US Federal Court, he received 27,487 votes=15 out of every 100 voters said YES to a KNOW CORRUPT inmate.

RIDE ON.........

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