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I believe we were all  pleased with Governor Kasich's response and arrival in 'the valley'- so quickly after the horrific murder and woundings of last week end.


Kasich came to YSU today, the day after the shooting that left Jamail Johnson, 25, of Indiana Avenue in Youngstown, dead. There were 11 other people, ranging in age from 17 to 31, injured.

“I have offered to them the use of any and all state resources they might require,” Kasich said. “I will continue to monitor the situation and provide any support necessary to help those impacted by this tragic event.”

Gov. John Kasich agreed to a number of requests from city and Youngstown State University officials that all hope will reduce crimes such as the mass shooting at a house near the school that left one man dead and 11 wounded.

He suggested new efforts to combine local and state police for saturation patrols, as well as the help of investigators from the state Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

In a press conference held in the Chestnut room of Kilcawley Center, the governor said efforts need to be made to curb underage drinking and drug use, as well as stiffer penalties for violent gun crimes.---and something about drug abuse...

But Kasich said, “I can’t tell you that any one of those things could have stopped this from happening, but I think all these things comprehensively can provide a greater sense of safety and security for people that live in this Valley.”

All well - intended, but what about the societal issues that are never addressed.....certainly never addressed by area "leadership".

It's my understanding that Columbus Jones Jr., was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic .

The Mayo Clinic defines this as:

Paranoid schizophrenia is one of several types of schizophrenia, a chronic mental illness in which a person loses touch with reality (psychosis). The classic features of paranoid schizophrenia are having delusions and hearing things that aren't real.

With paranoid schizophrenia, your ability to think and function in daily life may be better than with other types of schizophrenia. You may not have as many problems with memory, concentration or dulled emotions. Still, paranoid schizophrenia is a serious, lifelong condition that can lead to many complications, including suicidal behavior.

In addition, Mr Jones,Jr 's brother was murdered AND Mr Jones Jr claims to know at least nine other young men who've been murdered.

How ABNORMAL is that---or is it?

When you were young - how many MURDER victims did you know ? How many PEERS did you know who were murdered?

Now-PLEASE, I'm making no excuses--NOT going liberal here ---but  things are all inside out and upside down.

I interviewed the Frontline filmmakers about veterans who've returned with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the film, one of the counselors described the PTSD hell as "a normal reaction to an abnormal situation" .  Are some young people and  children of the streets in Youngstown Ohio experiencing an ALMOST war-like trauma ? Couple that with a lack of parenting and leadership role-models and maybe many young people WANT to lose touch with reality.

I do admire the Governor's efforts, but underage drinking, drugging, driving under suspension, etc are NOT the root causes that lead to the horrific violence that is ALL TOO COMMON in this community

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