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Man who barked at police dog may face trial

Oddly enough, the article above, appeared in The Vindicator just days after City Council of New Castle ,Pa failed to fire a police officer whose poor judgement allowed his partner to perish.......a slow and awful death.

As I wrote in :

Chico and The Man.......Dog Death Afternoon

It's my understanding that K9 POLICE DOGS ARE OFFICERS!

In Idaho:

Man in jail after teasing police dog

So, what are we to learn from the city Fathers and Mothers in New Castle?

NEW CASTLE — Chico’s partner will keep his job.

New Castle policeman James Hoyland will remain temporarily suspended, reimburse the city for a police dog and relinquish his K-9 unit membership.

New Castle City Council Wednesday night determined the fate of the patrolman, whose K-9 partner died June 4 after being left in a car for nearly four hours.

Chico, a 6-year-old brindle Dutch Shepherd, was found unresponsive in the back of a police cruiser and rushed to a veterinarian, but died soon after. An autopsy indicated he had died of heat stroke.

The vote was 3-2, with Bill Panella, Richard Beshero and council president MaryAnne Gavrile in favor. Karen DeCarlo and Ed Yerage voted no

“He will be suspended without pay for a total of 60 days,” Gavrile said. She noted Hoyland has been suspended since about June 6, and is now in his 32nd day. He also must make restitution for the dog prior to his reinstatement and will no longer be part of the K-9 unit.

“We felt that is appropriate discipline,” Gavrile said of council’s decision Wednesday. She added it was difficult.

“The hardest thing was we were given no evidence for the defense,” she said....

I don't know New Castle Police Officer Hoyland, but I have to believe that he's grieving his partner...hmm, his partner, his K9 partner, that I am certain he relied on to help protect and defend him and I feel certain that Chico NEVER let his partner down. So isn't the loss and grieving enough punishment for New Castle Police Officer Hoyland? Well, THIS isn't necessarily about punishment---it's about judgement-the judgement, or lack of judgement that (still) NC Police Officer Hoyland used when he left his POLICE PARTNER in a car on a hot day, with no escape and then, he(Hoyland), failed to initiate the safety system for HIS PARTNER: Chico.


I've often argued for higher salaries for good police officers. After all, they're often required to make spit-second decisions that effect the lives of others - in this case, (still) NC Police Officer Hoyland failed to consider the life of his partner -- yes, I believe the loss of his partner at his(Hoyland's) own hands is an awful punishment that Hoyland will have to deal with for many years to come. I only hope his judgement has improved when he's back making New Castle,Pennsylvania a better place to work and live.

As for you and me, non-police officers, don't bark at a police dog, don't struggle with a police dog, after all -----THEY ARE POLICE OFFICERS and YOU'RE not permitted the same bad judgement that cost Chico HIS LIFE ---but if you DO, at least you'll get a second chance. Chico had no second chance.........As I conclude this, I find it interesting that there's no out-pouring of support from K9 partners for the lack of dedication by our elected officials for NITRO'S BILL.....but again, don't bark at a police dog --- YOU may end up in jail, as for Chico and Nitro, well, may they cross The Rainbow Bridge with love.....

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