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I don't  get it.

There are hundreds of pages of recent filings and depositions regarding the "Oak Hill" case, yet, outside this show,  barely a mention about them in the media.

Yes, initially there was this:

Gains loses five issues before Ohio high court


“A shadow team of at least four members of the Mahoning County prosecutor’s office were involved in the grand jury investigation and ongoing prosecution,” wrote John F. McCaffrey of Cleveland, a lawyer for the Cafaro interests in the criminal case.



Gains Ordered to Turn Over More Documents in Oakhill Case


Prosecutor Gains subpoenas two Oakhill defendants ---  

...The suit alleges Gains played an improper role in gaining criminal indictments against Cafaro, his company and several public officials who are accused of using their influence to stop the county from purchasing the Oakhill building for government office space.

YET next to NOTHING on the depositions !

Folks,hundreds of pages, yet very little from the local media.

A fellow paranoid says "the area media fears a change of venue....if they do too much on the facts, someone can argue that the jury pool's tainted...then local media loses..."

I REALLY doubt that.

Another friend says they're understaffed...another-, well, something unkind.

I don't know why the media's not reporting,talking ,analyzing these documents.

What I do find curious is that Mahoning County Prosecutor Gains requested a special prosecutor to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Those who take time to read the depositions may find that the boy with his finger in the dyke refused to get out of the way, even when those he called for help-arrived.

If one of the vindictive four taints the case costing the Mahoining County taxpayers millions of dollars without resolution.................well, then\ that's when the Feds will step in. Listeners to the show know that my sources have been telling me that there's an active Federal grand jury related to these cases.

You cannot corrupt a case while saying your intention is to end corruption.

Yet still the mystery of no news on this real news .....

You can read the depositions

click below:

 On the left side click on Clerk of Court - Click on Online Docket - Search by Case No. which is 2010-1642. You can then view and print all the filings



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