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Today, once again, the Mahoning County Commissioners gave time(way TOO much time) to former congressman James Traficant.


Once again, Traficant was a humiliation to this area.


Once again, he displayed a distasteful, no, disgusting 'style' of politics,hopefully, long gone from most areas in this country.


Last week, for some reason, the commissioners allowed Traficant more than 35 minutes during 'public comment' that is supposed to be limited to 3 minutes.


Traficant was going on and on in his usual nonsensical style when he began to berate the Vindicator. Traficant then directed his nonsense to Vindicator writer David Skolnick. Traficant then attempted an 8th grade bully 'stare-down' directed at David (which,by the way, David won)


 This week the commissioners gave Jim time AFTER the regular meeting - good thing as  Traficant came in unfashionably and disrespectfully late. Jim's advance team WAS there on time, but I must say, they looked like extras from a Soprano's episode. Ah, but again, this week, Jim brought nothing of substance,.....again, he chastised commissioners Traficanti (formerly Jim's loyal worker) and McNally in a manner befitting a middle-school playground.

Jim came to both  meetings with rhetoric and no substance --- his usual.

Unfortunately, today's meeting and last week's:  standing room only. Hopefully, no one was there from out of the area--witnessing Traficant's pubescent behaviour.

Sadly, this  area's so lacking in leadership that some STILL hold on while Traficant's weaves his stories about being set-up, railroaded , wrongly convicted, data centres and Native American casinos.....of course there's still some guys that believe the prostitutes when they say " I LOVE you..." when they're paying them for sex....well, at least those guys get SOME satisfaction!



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