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this from The Chicago Sun Times :President Obama official schedule and guidance, May 18, 2010. Youngstown, Ohio;..this from ABC News :After his regular morning briefings this morning, President Obama will travel to Youngstown, Ohio, for a quick visit, the White House said. While there, Mr. Obama will tour the V & M Star facility, a producer of “seamless Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), Line & Standard Pipe, Coupling Stock and Mechanical Tube.”and the Associated Press:WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is heading to swing state Ohio to promote his economic policies as he tries to convince voters that times are getting better even while unemployment remains stubbornly high.Obama on Tuesday will visit V&M STAR, a pipe and tubing manufacturer in Youngstown that benefited from spending in the economic recovery act passed last year. It's the latest stop on his White House to Main Street tour of towns and businesses, often in economically depressed regions.




Ah, but this from local media THIS MORNING:YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio- President Barack Obama is expected to discuss the economy on a visit to V&M Star on Tuesday.Obama has credited federal infusions of stimulus money with being the catalyst for the expansion at the plant, which will add over 400 jobs.Elected officials and law enforcement personnel met Monday in advance of Obama's visit to V&M Star, where he will tour the facility and make brief remarks.Congressman Tim Ryan said this visit has particular significance."The president coming here is always a big deal, but coming here talking about how we can put this deal together, two cities, two counties, federal, state, and local I think is significant  and I think continues to change the reputation of the area as a good place to do business," Ryan said.Jared Bernstein, chief economist and economic policy adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, said the $650 million private investment in V&M was the result of the initial $20 million federal grant, serving as an example of a successful public-private partnership."We've come a very long way since this economy was poised on the precipice not of recession, but depression," Bernstein said.Youngstown mayor Jay Williams said V&M is just one example of positive economic developments that the President may want to get an up-close look at, including VXI and Exal."So that fact, that we are seeing a renaissance, slow but steady. There's still a lot of challenges we have ahead of us, but we would certainly love for the President to see some of the successes specifically as it relates to our use of stimulus dollars," Williams said.He praised local residents, calling them the reason for companies investing in the area."The people of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley are some of the most committed, determined and dedicated working individuals on the face of the planet," he said.Mahoning county Democratic party chairman Dave Betras said the Valley visit, Obama's second in seven months, is a testament to the strength of the local Democratic party.----"I would say that we've established ourselves as a player in statewide politics," Betras said.----ok, so what's missing??? Where's Girard Mayor Jim Melfi??--gee, WITHOUT MAYOR MELFI AND GIRARD'S COUNCIL THERE WOULD NOT BE A V&M STAR INVESTMENT INTO THE AREA--that's accurate. Mefli needed to first be conviced then convice Girard City Council, hense, the people of Girard to GIVE UP THEIR LAND,albeit for-- an ultimately mutually beneficial project. None the less,Girard GAVE UP the NECESSARY LAND TO YOUNGSTOWN for the project. I've NEVER had a 'REAL' answer as to why the project  could not,just, be done on the land-Girard's land??? Look, I have NO PROBLEM, at this point, w/Mayor Jay Williams getting some and SHARINING credit w/Mayor Melfi.--So,then,WHY,WHY,WHY did it take so much area outrage, so many media questions to get Melfi a last minute invite to this photo-op?? That's right, sources tell me,Jim Melfi got a Whitehouse call after 6 PM last night.........if you believe that's protocol, I have some very valuable 'sleeping' property under the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge  (anyone ever check if any of those that sleep and live there,under the bridge, ARE Vietnam Veterans???). Why was the KEY MAN in this project ignored untill the last minute --after area and media(yes , mine too)pressure, Girard's Mayor Jim Melfi-FINALLY get invited??????????    -Louie b.


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