"Whites fleeing 'burbs for cities" or BRIGHT flight FROM the city??


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"Whites fleeing 'burbs for cities...."

As in the city, blacks and other 'people of colour' fear an onslaught of polyester and unsalted food  as the cry "don't let them do here what they did in Harlem..." echos in the alleys.

I've always urged listeners and readers to get past the often misleading headlines and get into the substance of the articles. Too often, headlines are  just attention getters.  Oooh, I want to start making some analogies, as to the way some women 'package' themselves, but....

Youngstownians, fear not, here's from Brookings and The Associated Press :

The Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA metro area is the 88th largest in the United States and one of seven metropolitan areas among the 100 largest that lies wholly or partially in Ohio. It is located along the Ohio/Pennsylvania border in the northeastern part of Ohio and the northwestern part of Pennsylvania.

At a Glance

Total Population 565,947
Population Change since 2000 -6.0%
Percent Non-white Population 14.7%
Percent Seniors (Age 65+) 17.2%
Percent Adults (25+) with Bachelor's Degree 19.1%
Median Household Income $40,707

An analysis of 2000-2008 census data by the Brookings Institution highlights the demographic "tipping points" seen in the past decade and the looming problems in the 100 largest metropolitan areas, which represent two-thirds of the U.S. population.

"A new metro map is emerging in the U.S. that challenges conventional thinking about where we live and work," said Alan Berube, research director with the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings, a nonpartisan think-tank based in Washington. "The old concepts of suburbia, Sun Belt and Rust Belt are outdated and at odds with effective governance."

Suburbs still tilt white. But, for the first time, a majority of all racial and ethnic groups in large metro areas live outside the city. Suburban Asians and Hispanics already had topped 50 percent in 2000, and blacks joined them by 2008, rising from 43 percent in those eight years.

The suburbs now have the largest poor population in the country. They are home to the vast majority of baby boomers age 55 to 64, a fast-growing group that will strain social services after the first wave of boomers turns 65 next year.


YBI does a fantastic job of bringing folks into the city-at least to work...but the dailly gun battles, punative city income tax, failing schools  and too few regional leaders will continue to insure too much BRIGHT  flight FROM the city.




and : A record 41 percent of American births in 2008 were to single mothers, according to a new Pew Research Center study of census and other data released in time for Mother's Day. That's an increase from 28 percent in 1998. Stay tuned in...

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