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My first reaction to the Ohio 2010 Primary Election on the 40th anniversary of the killings at Kent State University was  why wouldn't our  state legistlatures do SOMETHING about this-----40 years out ??? 'course, they haven't  yet - why now ???


As I thought more deeply about it, I realized that going to vote would be an important way  to remember what happened 40 years ago ' just down the street ' from here. To excercise a freedom, dear to us,U.S.



Sandy Scheuer was  one of the students that was shot and killed at Kent State - 40 years ago today. Sandy was an honours student in speech therapy, and did not take part in any of the demonstrations. She was killed when the bullet struck her in the throat while she was walking to her next class.... Sandy's mother, Sarah, passed, just two days ago, 39 years + 363 days after her daughter was murdered. Maybe her heart  just couldn't take the pain any longer. In 1980 Sarah Scheuer said "After ten years I still think the major responsibility for the shooting is on Governor Rhodes. He was using the entire event for political purposes and President White should have exercised his authority and closed the school down." Both Mrs. Scheuer and her husband are skeptical that the truth about how their daughter died will ever be brought to light.

After Sandy's murder,  I remember seeing Mr.& Mrs. Scheuer at synagogue services. Mr Scheuer, always with a 'peace symbol' on a long chain - I don't remember seeing either of them smile - ever. After all, how could they ???

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