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Regular listeners to the show are aware of my frustration with the lip service we pay when one of this country's children die in these wars. We say they've made "the ultimate sacrifice" - when we say anything at all.

Our soldiers are sacrificed in many ways - some are killed in combat  by roadside bombs , some die by the roadside here in America - killed by our inaction.

Below is a letter  from a woman that I've met 'through' the show. Her eldest son Mykie joined the United States military just after 09 September 2001. Mykie felt it was his duty to join and protect this nation. Mykie's younger brother Ryan looked up to his elder brother and followed him into to military service.


Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Strickland and Bocerri. Should I send it to anyone else?

I have written you several times concerning my oldest son, Mykie, that returned from Iraq years ago and you have always tried to help. Now I am writing to you because my 27 year old son, Ryan,  that fought for our country passed away 3 weeks ago because the VA in this state is such a mess. I lost my son. He is gone and I really don't feel like anyone that is in the position to do something, cares! My son went to the VA in February because he developed a drug problem after the VA prescribed him benzodiazipenes for PTSD. He became addicted as did my older son when he returned. When the VA stopped giving him the pills, he went to the streets. He was addicted. As I previously stated, he went to the VA in February and asked for help. They told him there was a 6 month wait. I called myself because I couldnt believe it. I was told the same thing. Six months will not be until August. Now my son is dead.  We had to pay $600 for the drug suboxin for him for 1 month. Suboxin is very helpful for opiate addiction. It blocks the receptors of the brain and helps  the addict to not need the opiates. It was very helpful to him but unfortunately we couldn't afford to pay for more than 1 month and the VA won't provide it.   I will pursue every avenue I can to get this changed! I work with the court in Mahoning County and I would like to know why your average drug addict off the street can get help faster than our veterans who fought for this country? I am asking you to investigate the local VA. Their job is to do all they can to help our  vets. It is more than a job. They are the only chance our vets have. The VA could have helped my son. But they didn't and know he is gone. And he isn't the only one. My older son had the same issues. A boy that went to school and joined the army with Ryan, his name is Steve,  almost died of a drug overdose  1 1/2 months ago. He was on a resperator for a week. He just received his Purple Heart a few months ago and was on the news for it. He also was a patient of the local VA. Something is very wrong here. I am asking you to do what you can to look into this. "

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