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"Louie, these are toxic times in the valley" a friend said to me today.

"Everyone's suspicious."


As we know, the super secret, super special, multi-connected, un-biased-biased, grand,Grand,GRAND jury investigations and queries will soon turn to non-indictments of some and indictments of others.


"It's like McCarthyism...give someone up and we'll be easier on you..." said another.


It's got to be a really interesting time for high-level law enforcers as many run to be first to turn someone else in - not unlike musical chairs , except, the one w/o a chair gets prison time.


Politicos,wanna-bees and Sly and the Family Stone's everyday people still ask ME "who are the feds targeting, should know...who are they asking you about?"


What do you think? - they gave me paper targets with people's photos on them + a half dozen blood-dipped darts?

One of the many problems in this area is that too many - too often (as in my case) think they know all of the 'whos' and 'whys'. I've had folks tell ME supposed 'facts' regarding my case that I (obviously) KNOW aren't accurate-yet they tell me their sources are "irrefutable"


Hey, sorry to dissapoint y'all but other than me ("...neither corrupt nor a public official...") I truly don't know who's being targeted. What I do know is that, once again, this area-the Mahoning Valley's- going through a partial cleansing.

The rumours abound - if every person who's supposedly "flipped"(turned, or given up others to save themselves) there won't be anyone left to prosecute-and THAT would leave a lot of folks VERY UNsatisfied. Political blood-lust for some, vengence and revenge for some and just Schadenfreude for others

Unfortunatly, there are some in this area that have been so focused on looking up the skirts of others, that they've forgoten why they're where they are today,AND what they are-in some cases-sworn to do.

Please do not misunderstand - this area's still rife with corruption - and we certainly DO need another cleansing - but nothing gets really clean when you wash with dirty water .


Dirty Water - The Standells


"...while the city's streets still run red with it's children's blood..."

 Respighi - The Pines of Rome [3/3]

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