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"The Mahoning County Commissioners listened to county officials and the public at Monday evening’s hearing at the Covelli Centre’s community meeting room in advance of their expected vote to place the sales tax on the May primary ballot."

Ahhhh.....refereshing honesty.....government "doing the right thing".....REALLY????


Y'all can have a hundred meetings L-O-A-D-E-D with elected officials, county employees and their family 'n friends....but...


Ok, firstly, let me say that I know quite a number of county employees and elected officials most of them, yesMOST  of them are very,VERY hard working, diligent public servants. 


Although I do believe these public meetings look good, they do little good other than  for practice.


Very few regular folks came out Monday--- in the bitter cold---downtown---at night---to speak and / or hear about the county's need for tax dollars.


Financial institutions use credit scores for a reason-they want to know how you've handled your money in the past as an indicator as to how you'll handle additional dollars.....You know: "well done is better than well said".


The last tax-on-the-ballot-effort was an effort in futility. No explanations, no campaign, just a weak,a VERY weak,request that failed and failed miserably. Of course, then there was the wimpy excuse :I'll gladly pay you Tuesday if you blame a clerk today.


I made numerous requests for guests with expertise(hear that George?)to come on and explain , in detail, the necessity of the tax---to no response.



When you B-R-O-A-D-C-A-S-T that information, regular and irregular folks can listen, in the comfort of their homes, or in their autos---and if they like, call in(anonymously-if they prefer) and ask questions. +++in the case of my show, they can also listen -at their lesiure-after the show at

I AM an advocate for THIS area, after all, I LIVE here and WORK here and want the best for this area !!!



We the people need to know the score-the county's credit score----not literally , but we need to know how prudently you've handeled OUR money. Most of us have had to adjust our finances during this crisis--and YOU?  My assumption is that you've dont the job-so, TELL US, SHOW US. Treat US and you'd treat YOUR PERSONAL bankers...


So, come on girls and boys----STEP RIGHT UP !!!!!  WE'RE WAITING and WE'RE LISTENING...........





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