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MoCro-Maureen Cronin, is a sad case of  corruption.


Today, a pathetic Maureen Cronin entered court and was sentenced to prison. 


I remember when MoCro took a  stance re: the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District and Ed Flask. MoCro stood strong and stood alone. Maureen was a tough broad.

So what happened 'tween then and when MoCro took lonely trips to gamble and get drunk----ultimately (according to my source and heard first on the LbF show-sorry Michelle, my audience has known for weeks that the MoCro dollars came from Flora Cafaro) asking Flora for money at a local beauty salon?

Simply stated - loss+sadness=lonliness.


But, again, what allowed the  moral lapse?


I am told by a very well educated , very well experienced law enforcer that corruption is part of "...the fabric of this community..."   If so, need we be thread-bare to just be ok?

more on that at another time.....


Now a bit on "Jimbo  Light" as my friend Sam refers to former Mayor George McKelvey who's "crime" is not corruption(that we're aware of) but of mis -direction, mis-education, and mis-leading those when he supports  James 'the Stain' Traficant. 


Yeah, I know George does not have the 'courage of his convictions' to talk - honestly - with me on the show about  his admiration of, or, i'm told, adoration of  Traficant ---- he spews that awfulness elswhere where he isn't  challenged .


George, or, Jimbo Light, called into the show  Monday. AGAIN I asked him about his support of Traficant and he -AGAIN , attempted to do his version of the French Drop-George's slight-of-hand mis-direction ---- in other words, George(Jimbo Light) tried to avoid admiting to his support of Traficant---the support he talks about  elsewhere.  I was up against the CNN news and asked George to call back today(Tuesday) which he didn't .


That's very typical of Traficant supporters - weak as a pair of worn-out polyester pants.






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