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A) MoCro B) George Mc Traf-i-cant or Jimbo light ------- What's that Fabric ?

By Louie b. Free (Contact)

Published February 23, 2010

Untitled document


MoCro-Maureen Cronin, is a sad case of  corruption.


Today, a pathetic Maureen Cronin entered court and was sentenced to prison. 


I remember when MoCro took a  stance re: the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District and Ed Flask. MoCro stood strong and stood alone. Maureen was a tough broad.

So what happened 'tween then and when MoCro took lonely trips to gamble and get drunk----ultimately (according to my source and heard first on the LbF show-sorry Michelle, my audience has known for weeks that the MoCro dollars came from Flora Cafaro) asking Flora for money at a local beauty salon?

Simply stated - loss+sadness=lonliness.


But, again, what allowed the  moral lapse?


I am told by a very well educated , very well experienced law enforcer that corruption is part of "...the fabric of this community..."   If so, need we be thread-bare to just be ok?

more on that at another time.....


Now a bit on "Jimbo  Light" as my friend Sam refers to former Mayor George McKelvey who's "crime" is not corruption(that we're aware of) but of mis -direction, mis-education, and mis-leading those when he supports  James 'the Stain' Traficant. 


Yeah, I know George does not have the 'courage of his convictions' to talk - honestly - with me on the show about  his admiration of, or, i'm told, adoration of  Traficant ---- he spews that awfulness elswhere where he isn't  challenged .


George, or, Jimbo Light, called into the show  Monday. AGAIN I asked him about his support of Traficant and he -AGAIN , attempted to do his version of the French Drop-George's slight-of-hand mis-direction ---- in other words, George(Jimbo Light) tried to avoid admiting to his support of Traficant---the support he talks about  elsewhere.  I was up against the CNN news and asked George to call back today(Tuesday) which he didn't .


That's very typical of Traficant supporters - weak as a pair of worn-out polyester pants.







1Ohiogov(1 comment)posted 6 years, 4 months ago

This guy that posted is a jealous former government employee. I have parts of his personnel file. I'll bring it to you. I work close to you. Pay no attention to him and keep doing what you do
He sits by his computer and can't wait to respond . He likes to be the "first reponder" ,now.
I'll see you soon

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2Privatesector(4 comments)posted 6 years, 4 months ago

Anthony's by the River Incident

August 4, 2001

Youngstown 911 Call Tape Transcription

1300 [1:00 p.m.] - First transmission on tape

· Center: "911 what is your emergency?"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Hi, is this Youngstown 911?"

· Center: "Yes it is"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Hi, this is the Mayor. I am over at Anthony's by the River. I've got a suspicious character hiding behind the statue, I don't know whether he is a sniper or what's going on…across from the restaurant. Could you send a cruiser right over?

· Center: "Do you have a description, Mr. McKelvey?"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Pardon me?"

· Center: "Do you have a description of him?"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Ah, he's in a green shirt, I don't know, I'm heading up that way now."

· Center: "OK, can you tell me if he is black, white or hispanic?"

· Mayor McKelvey: "I can't tell you, I believe he is Caucasian."

· Center: "OK"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Just throw someone over here real quick, could you please?"

· Center: "OK"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Right across from Mr. Anthony's where the statue is."

· Center: "OK"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Thanks"

· Center: "OK"

1303 [1:03 p.m.] Second transmission on tape

· Police Car 204: "Car 204"

· Dispatcher or Police Car: "Go ahead 204"

· Police Car 204: "Do me a favor, cover downtown, Anthony's by the River on Oak Hill. Signal 8 on a white male with a green shirt, acting suspicously, called in by the Mayor. Should be by the statue down there."

1303 [1:03 p.m.] Third transmission on tape

· Unidentified Police Car: "Copy, white male green shirt, enroute from Midlothian

1306 [1:06 p.m.] Fourth transmission on tape

· Police Car 204: "204"

· Dispatcher: "Yeah, I need you to hold off on that. I'll get someone there as soon as I can. Instead I need you to team up with 206 and go to 1027 Plymouth, 1027 Plymouth, for a signal 7. It says Henry Townsend took her keys and won't give 'em back and now they're fighting over them."

· Police Car 204: "OK"

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3Privatesector(4 comments)posted 6 years, 4 months ago


1307 [1:07 p.m.] Fifth transmission on tape

· Center: "Youngstown 911, what's your emergency?"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Hi, this is the mayor again. I called a few moments ago, ah, maybe about 5 minutes ago for a cruiser to stop by Anthony's by the River, suspicuous character. No one ever showed up.

· Center: "Let me check with Dispatch"

· Mayor McKelvey: "Yeah, if I can't get someone, I don't know who can."

· Dial tone: Disconnect apparently from Mayor McKelvey's phone since the Center operator returns to the line,

· Center: "Hello"

1308 [1:08 p.m.] Sixth transmission on tape

· Dispatcher: "Car 307"

· Police Car 307: "307"

· Dispatcher: "You cleared that alarm, correct?"

· Car 307: "Yes sir."

· Dispatcher: "OK, do me a favor, this was phoned in by the Mayor. I had to break [car] 204 to go to a fight. Go down to Anthony's by the River on Oak Hill. Should be a white male in a green shirt acting suspicously, somewhere around the statue. He called twice now.

1311 [1:11 p.m.] Seventh transmission on tape

· Police Car 985: "985"

1311 [1:11 p.m.] Eighth transmission on tape

· Dispatcher: "Car with traffic, you're breaking up."

· Police Car 985: "985"

· Dispatcher: "Go ahead 985"

· Police Car 985: "Unintelligible… with the Mayor down here by the statue."

· Dispatcher: "Copy. Be advised [police car] 307 is enroute also.

1313 [1:13 p.m.] Ninth transmission on tape

· Dispatcher: "307 and 985, are you guys code 6 [in control] there?"

1313 [1:13] Tenth transmission on tape

[Officer Golec]: "105, dayturn"

Dispatcher: "Yeah, 105"

105 [Officer Golec]: Yeah, you, the question of [unintelligible] down by the statue.

Dispatcher: "Yeah, are you clear by yourself, or is everyone clear there?"

105 [Officer Golec]: You can clear that 8611 - investigation, no further action

Dispatcher: "OK, thank you sir."

Note: Officer Golec was a policeman who finished his dayturn and was on his way home when he heard the call and responded to the scene in addition to the two cars dispatched by radio

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41970mach1(1005 comments)posted 6 years, 3 months ago

What was the point of posting the call logs from 911? I don't get what you are trying to say.

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