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On my radio show , I regularlly ask " where's the leadership ?"  When I ask that question, I receive a lot of emails asking "...who are you refering to , Louie?" or , "I know who you mean,Louie...."


Well, I believe this entire nation is DYING for leadership.


Let's deal with just a few here in 'da Valley.


I believe that it's fair to say that if the Youngstown School System was part of the private sector, Dr Wendy Webb would have lost her job - been fired,  a long time ago. Now, again , I personally like Wendy. I know people that are much brighter than I am - who praise Dr Webb and her work. Ok, maybe her goals will take a long time. The problem is that The Y-town School system has little time left. If Y-town had an Implosion Clock like the The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have their Doomsday Clock [6 minutes till apocalypse (midnight)] - I dare say we'd also be too close to midnight .


I also, personally ,  like Y-town Chief of Police Jimmy Hughes. I felt certain that shortly after the early morning  church parking lot  murder of Angeline Fimognari  that heads would roll - heads other than that of then 80 year old Angeline. I thought that SOMETHING would CHANGE !


I write this just days after  this  :One victim died in a triple shooting Friday night near two South Avenue convenience stores....Blood could be seen on the road...The killing is the eighth in the city this year. There were three homicides in the city by this date last year.


Many think that when I refer to leadership's absence, that I'm refering to The Mayor.

In the absence of the Mayor's outrage-----where's city council ? City Council woman, Ms Rimidio-Righetti, wants a "promotion" to Mahoning County Board of Commissioners.....City Council man,John R  Sweirz, wants to be elevated to Mayor ----- and hey, where ARE our county commissioners???? Is NOT  the city of Youngstown withIN  Mahoning County ???


Do those in leadership positions 'go along to get along'?  Do they think that everything will 'work itself out'???


Those with the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists KNOW that without LEADERS LEADING, without LEADERSHIP'S INTERVENTION---that The Doomsday Clock  will keep ticking untill....


What are OUR 'leaders' thinking????


What are they waiting for??????






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