Mahoning Valley Clean Up - PLEASE Do NOT Recycle


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Once again 'da Valley faces a 'clean-up'. Not a shoveling of the streets, or a patching of the roads or a  Masonic Temple's members picking up litter along a piece of highway.

We're beginning a(nother)  community cleansing - not unlike the 'Cleansing of '99' - which, of course, continued until and with the conviction of James the Stain(Traficant) in 2002.


 State and Federal agents have-for years-told me not to put too much faith in rumours........that being said, I do  KNOW that Federal indictments are coming....and we KNOW that The Gains Gargantuans are after The Morley Maurauders.(Cafaro Carnivoures, If everyone's rolled(ratted,given up, told on,etc) on others that I've been told has(rolled) - we could have rolled a pizza the size of a Great Lake  or a joint the size of the Empire State Building.


Now, again, folks, these federal indictments should NOT be looked upon as Dies Irae (Days of Wrath),but as a cleansing.


Too many in the valley are good at recycling(just ask Green Team leader, Jim Petuch) - what should NOT be recycled : ineffective public officials.

My hope is that after this Coming Cleansing of 2010 - we'll learn something, hopefully , a lot of things--- a few  of those being that

1) a "D" by the name of the candidate does NOT mean DARN (or damn) GOOD !!!


2) a party insider means that YOU are on the OUTSIDE


3) The Democratic Party is NOT THE  party of  " we, the people " or  of  " we, the working men and women " The Democratic Party is the party OF and FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY --- if your not REALLY IN the party, you're OUT of the party (it's NOT 1959 folks)

want more???? got more :

4) if you think voting FOR a party - in the case of  the valley - voting FOR the endorsed Democrat is a good thing (instead of voting FOR a candidate) -take a look around, a REAL look around ,  read Forbes and other publications, communicate with folks outside of  the valley.


5) The BEST thing that Mahoning County  Democratic Party Chair, Atty David Betras can do , is go on a search and deploy mission. ---FIND GREAT candidiates that will serve the valley first.  By serving the valley first, they will be serving the Democratic party.


No,folks, don't think that those untouched by the coming indictments are the good ones. Inaction and self-interest doesn't rise to the level of corruption, but that doesn't make them the good gals and guys.

Like the coming indictments, I'm just getting started. 


Hopefully this time we will have learned our lesson.  Re-cycling re-cyclables is a good thing - re-cycling ineffective and/or corrupt public officials is a bad thing. 


By the way-----isin't it interesting that both Messers Cafaro( Anthony and John J. resigned in the Morley-Engler tradition?








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