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I was glad that Y-town City Prosecutor,Atty Jay Macejko came on the show today(Wed.03 Feb) - answering all of OUR questions-my questions, emailed questions and all of the callers' questions- regarding the arrest and history of Jamar Houser-the accused murderer of Angeline Fimognari ( today WOULD have been her 81st birthday).  Yes, and disappointed that Mahoning County Prosecutor,Atty Paul Gains, has STILL not responded to my many requests. I've always AND in all ways been respectful of Paul, even when we disagreed. I've always had respect for Paul risking his life on the streets as a Youngstown City Police Officer---going to law school , working hard enough and being bright enough to EARN a law degree, passing the bar exam---working as a defense lawyer---running for and winning THE Mahoning County Prosecutor's race. Lest we forget, Paul Gains was confronted--in his own home---the place where one should be safe--by an assassin, who shot INTO Paul's body...I CANNOT, do no,t want to even IMAGINE the hellish pain and horror of that 'experience', yet Paul  survived , thrived and  then courageously took office, ---hence, I'm even more perplexed as to why,after all Paul's experience, he shys away from coming on the show and speaking with You, the People, with me as conduit...  

( try to follow this,please)

I get very frustrated when the same people, who, during campaign season, tell us over and over again - how THEY SERVE US, how they serve  WE,THE PEOPLE,  fail to address those same people while they, our public servants, earn a healthy living from those SAME-We,the People.

OK, so here comes a county sales tax on the ballot in a few months....the last one failed.  No one seems able  to remember  a pass-the-tax campaign last fall. I cried out then as I cry out now- COME ON THE SHOW AND PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THE SERVICES Y'ALL PROVIDE----I'LL PROVIDE THE TIME, YOU PROVIDE THE GUESTS---I WANT TO BE PRO-ACTIVE---COME ON, SEND EXPERTS--give us ALL the reasons to vote FOR the tax !!!

I received a return call from a county official  (one that I like---btw) today who said "...I'll come on Louie...but not would be PREMATURE....closer to the election....we're very busy...I know  George(Tablack) has issues with you...etc,  etc.

Folks, I have issues with George too, but the future of OUR county is MUCH more important to me than my issues with George. I'm growing weary of hearing how Six Figure George knows ALL the numbers and EVERYTHING there is to know about the financial operations of the county yet doesn't have the courage, decency or sense of obligation or  correctness to explain them to We, the  People.  Did we elect and employ little boys or competent men to lead this county ???  The county commissioners control and are responsible for the county funds---if those that  can explain and help pass the tax won't step up, then the commissioners need to LEAD (order? encourage? TELL ?) THEM....

By spring time, we the people of Mahoning County should KNOW the important/critical aspects of the sales tax issues - not more last  minutes scare tactics or another campaign that isn't. 

No one should know the county's business better than George Tablack, after all, that's who the commissioners rely one should know the Sheriff's dept and jail better than Randall Wellington, the prosecutor's office - Paul Gain, etc, etc, etc.. Stop hiding and start talking to We, the people---not just at staged public hearings, but when you have an offer of air time-take it, use it, do it, so we don't have another failure, then a game of pass-the buck and blame some clerk somewhere....who do you think you are???- The Youngstown to Washington DC Abbey Road 'we'll tell those feds at H.U.D.' Youngstownian  Thugs (and if that doesn't work, when exposed, we'll balme a clerk)??



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