All Mobbed Up and Nowhere to Go?


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James 'the stain' Traficant REALLY doesn't care about the future, or even the present of the Mahoning Valley. If he did, he'd  stay away from the election process.

Wait two minutes - I do agree that he has every right to circulate petitions and run - but here's a guy that is  a poster-boy for corruption in office.

Everytime congressional corruption hits the news-Traficant's reputation rears it's ugly backside.

Most recently:

CBS Evening News 29July 2010 : The stage is now set for the kind of spectacle that many of Rangel's colleagues had hoped to avoid. The last ethics trial was in 2002. James Traficant had been convicted of bribery and corruption.

Traficant's defense? Point fingers at colleagues who'd been found guilty of having sex with young pages but were not expelled.

At one point Traficant asked, "Is sex with a minor 17 years old rape?" When a colleague began to answer, Traficant continued, "And a felony, sir?"

CNN 29 July 2010:

As a result of his 2002 corruption trial, former Rep. James Traficant, an Ohio Democrat, became the second member of Congress to be kicked out since the Civil War.

Charles Tiefer, a professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, said Traficant's case "hardly even counts as a serious precedent."

At the time of his ethics hearing, Traficant already had been convicted of taking bribes and other charges in a court of law. He spent seven years in prison and was released last yea

I'm still surprised how riled up folks get when I talk about Jim Traficant

Wahington Post :

In a three-day hearing in July 2002, a panel of lawmakers grilled Rep. Jim Traficant, a vituperative Ohio Democrat accused of an array of egregious ethics violations. Ultimately, his colleagues agreed that Traficant had broken House rules and he was ejected from the Capitol. Their decision may have been helped by the fact that a federal court had already convicted Traficant of taking bribes, filing false tax returns, and forcing his Hill aides to perform chores at his farm in Ohio and on his D.C. houseboat.

Now, eight years later, Rep. Charles B. Rangel is facing the likelihood of the same kind of trial before the House ethics committee in September.

Christian Science Monitor: The last such case in which a member was expelled from Congress involved Rep. James Traficant (D) of Ohio. Mr. Traficant, who was charged with taking bribes and filing false tax returns, served a seven-year sentence. In a bid to return to Congress this year, Traficant failed to get enough valid petition signatures to get on this fall’s ballot.

and it goes on and on and on.....


So why is it that when I accurately point out the mobster and the damage done (hmmm, how did Traficant get the gig as the methadone clinic director when his boys IN organised crime were bringing heroin into this area???), do so many become, well, at the very least, upset with me ?

"Louie you don't know what you're talking about...Jimbo was the best representative this valley's ever had. "

"Traficant  brought more money to this area than any other politician did..."

"No one gets service today like we did when Jimbo was in office"


It's hard to un-dupe people - after all - people still believe that the national Democratic party is the people's party.


Again, if Jim Traficant really wanted to do something positive for the Mahoning Valley he would cash his un-earned United States government congressional pension checks and live happily ever after -QUIETLY- here or elsewhere, after all - HE can leave the northern district of Ohio!



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