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None of the show's regular listeners were surprised that there were indictments  last week.

I learned that the so-called secret grand jury was the not-so-secret grand jury - I believe we'll learn more about that as this long process plays out.

There will be many battles in this war, this war for the truth. Bare-all trials that Schadenfreudites(and the personal agenda driven) will love.

At this point, many charges on a number of  people, but  in America, most  are innocent until proven guilty, maybe not in the streets or media, but in the courts.

 A few will show some compassion while the hater's  shoot their arrows from under their rocks(no offense to repitles and insects)  --- a lack of patience, the  lack of desire for knowledge and understanding and compassion will prevail. Oh, sorry, you thought I was talking about the Oakhillians?

My recent experience has taught me that often, those who think they know the most, actually know the least.

...but the rumour mill's working more overtime than Mill Creek Paradise's Lanterman's Mill at it's peak - attempting to 'KNOW' the answers to questions, such as:

Who's the REAL target here?

Who's made a deal ( not, not w/the feds, oh, sorry, this is a state case [so far] ) to replace office holders and secure the job of one who's position may be in jeopardy?

Who flipped? Who will flop? Who will soar? Who will crash?

A semi-sage said to me : ' don't over-think this one...'

Near the end of my last entry I wrote : this area's still rife with corruption - and we certainly DO need another cleansing - but nothing gets really clean when you wash with dirty water



Dirty Water - The Standells

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