Slimey Shmuely and the King-done = 2 Bad Jews


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Everynight at nine pm-if I'm near a television-I put CNN on in the hope that Larry King might redeem himself-that he just might ask a probing question and sound like and appear that he's actually present/paying attention to the interview-ee. In fairness, I rarely make it past the introduction-since so many are  uninteresting-mostly Hollywooders.

. These days I'm almost always dissapointed---tonight was no exception with my dissapointment w/Larry, but his guest outraged me.

Regular listeners know that I don't like Michael Jackson. I'm convinced that he had inapropriate relations with children

Tonight slimey Shmuley Boteach was on enhancing his fortunes with his "Michael Jackson Tapes". Slimey's a so-called rabbi, a spiritual leader. 

rabbi: a Hebrew title of respect for a Jewish scholar or teacher

This rip-off artist doesn't deserve a title of "respect". Profiteer-yes.

Sad that the day after Yom Kippur=The Day of Atonement, these two bad Jews did what they did tonight.

Larry did --NOT EVEN-- press Slimey Boteach on the barely-asked question re: whether or not Michael authorized the release of the tapes .

"Rabbis along with other clergy, along with the practitioners of all the helping professions, are bound by definite rules of confidentiality. It is precisely this rule which enables us to assist people who depend upon us to preserve the sacred bond of trust. What we discuss or experience with people who seek our assistance are meant to be kept absolutely private.

There are no exceptions."-
Rabbi Michael Sternfield, Chicago Sinai Congregation .

You're a shanda Slimey Boteach, a shanda ! (shanda - outrage or shame i.e. 'that's a shame')

Bad Jew,Bad Jews

Whatcha' gonna do

Whatcha gonna do  when G-d comes for you ...





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