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I wasn't going to write tonight-then I watched 60 Minutes and freaked out. I heard about another government programme with problems - lots of problems.

We hear and see this too many times:

"Another failed, costly government program "

From the Youngtstown City Schools to Federal government programmes failure seems to be an acceptable standard. Listeners hear  me say, I should say SCREAM this daily : WHY IS FAILURE AN ACCEPTABLE STANDARD IN GOVERNMENT ???

The easy answer is - they're not spending their own money.

Successful businesses get rid of employees that fail. They don't do their job correctly or properly-they're out-fired,dismissed, canned, pink-slipped---but not in government.

Now I do want to say that many agencies DO work effectivley and efficiently- township,city,county,state and federal---but too often FAILURE is acceptable.

Yeah-I know, I talk a lot about Mahoning County's little Fiefdoms battling each other.

That is very troubling to me,but ,I'll save that for another time. 

Search the news-you won't need look far-for articles on government's failures.

Again, in the successful   private sector - failure is dealt with -quickly. In govenment, failure is often rewarded with long careers and great benefits and pensions. 

So, again, what is it? It's not THEIR money but it IS YOURS. 

Hey, I just realized something - it DOES happen in the private sector !! YOU,ME ! OUR private-sector  in-action, our FAILURE TO ACT ON OUR GOVERNMENT'S FAILURE !!!

Is it STILL OUR government ? Is it STILL "of the people" ? Or have we turned over the reins to the two controlling parties?





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