Steely Dan-a VERY Brief Review/Suggestions


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries



Steely Dan DID,in fact, do the Royal Scam tonight(17Nov) in Akron.


The problem was-it was WE, the audience, that got scammed(disappointed would be WAY understated).


If their tour isn't over and you're planning on going-here's my advice:


To re-create the concert's atmosphere, do the following:

#1) Find a special effects cd w/ a high-pitch feedback  squeal and play it as loud as you can and as long as you can .


#2) Get two coloured spot lights and shine them into your eyes.


#3) Get a couple of  bad ________(edited by Bun-E) back up singers that will sing for a couple of beers.


#4) Play your old vinyl Royal Scam album-even if you've breched(puked) on it-it will sound better than Steely Dan did live.

(oh, and if you were in attendance at the concert and want the REAL effect of paying $90.00 for your ticket-go to an adult "novelty" store , buy the product that Steely Dan named themselves after(from WilliamBurroughs-Naked Lunch) and insert it(backside). 




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