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wow, no, WOW - did I get slammed with comments after Jackie Taylor called in to chastize me for not extending a PERSONAL invitation to her !!

Regular listeners KNOW that I will put ANY legitimate candidate on the show. Regular listeners KNOW that there isn't any other show in  'the Valley'  that's MORE pro-active in allowing the  free-flow of speech.I DO believe that candidates MUST take responsiblilty for their campaigns-not the media.


Many of y'all emailed after Jackie-Oh called on air while I was interviewing Andrea Mahone. After "...saying her piece, she began attacking you(Louie) for not personally inviting her on your show...", said one email. Another person said " Jackie marched down to your studio, then further hurt herself by coming on with the attitude of an angry rhinoceros with nothing positive to say..."

"Louie, Jackie showed the bad attitude of a failure to our children  trying to justify her position..."

"Louie you held your temper....your parents should be proud of your manners..."

"...she(Jackie) then came on your show with nothing productive to say..."

Many of the other emails are nastier than I wish to post here.


But folks, I was surprised with just how many of y'all voiced your opinion on this issue.


As I've said before-govenment is the ONLY entity where failure is an acceptable standard-it's really awful when  we the people allow government  to fail our children .



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