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Sources tell me that Mahoning County Common Pleas Court Judge, R.Scott Krichbaum, tops the list to replace outgoing U.S.Judge Peter Economus  (Judge Economus, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton in 1995, announced his retirement in a letter he sent to President Barack Obama, who will appoint his successor.

Federal district judges are appointed for life by the president, subject to U.S. Senate confirmation.

Copies of the letter went to nine others, including Ohio’s U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown ...)

I'm told that U.S.Senator(see, look how respectful i can be) Brown said that Judge Krichbaum will NOT be ruled out because he's a Republican. My source, who spoke directly w/Sherrod , said that Sen Brown's very keen on the idea of  seeing Judge Kricbaum  in  the Federal seat and then noted his  recent  successful  recommendation of U.S. Marshall Pete Elliott. Sherrod said that THIS president is not playing politics, but in fact is looking for the best qualified.

My source then used some sports metaphor that totally went over my towering head.

I called Judge Krichbaum for some comments and he told me this:

"Louie,I am very excited about the process. I inherited the worst docket in the county and have now had the best docket for over ten years...I know how to be a judge and can hit the ground running. No one needs to guess if  I can do the job , I've proven that..."

Louie: " Do you feel that your being a Republican will affect your chances for the appointment?"

Judge K: " A lot has indicated that this is a Democratic appointment-I refuse to believe that. This President has already demonstrated that he's interested in quality-not label "


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