Jim,do you need a diaper with that move?


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Q) How did Traficant get the U.S. Beauru of Prisons to circumvent the system.

A) By going to Philadelphia and U.S. Judge Wells to be sent to Cleveland instead of Y-town .

Traficant  has an  irrational fear of THE Good Community Corrections Association's Dr. Rick Billak.

So why then did the federal government allow him to manipulate them ??

Cincinnatti  U.S. Prison's Community Corrections Mgr. Mike Real said : Traficant's not going to tell us where he's going to go ! It's either Youngstown or stay in prison --at which point Traficant went to  Real's boss in Philadelphia-Ed Hughes, to get to Cleveland . Traficant also wrote a letter to U.S.Judge Wells(sentencing judge) 'demanding' that he go to Cleveland for release.

The "system " allowed another Traficant manipulation .

So , is it just Traficant's irrational fear of Dr.Billak or is it his true lack of courage for confronting   truth in Youngstown.

He can hide in Cleveland, but cannot hide in Y-town.

Btw, does the government pay for his baby diapers ?




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