"...Jim Traficant IS Youngstown"


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"...Jim Traficant IS Youngstown" ????

A local BUSINESSMAN recently made these statements  to me :

 Louie Free, what you don't get is :

1) " EVERYONE in government here is on the take "

2) " EVERYONE in office  here is corrupt."

3) " Jim Traficant DOES represent the mind-set of this area."


Again-the man who made these statements IS a BUSINESSMAN in the area that many of you know.


As we all know-perception can become "reality". If enough people believe those statements-getting new businesses to come to this area will be nearly impossible-regardless of what some of the area organizations who's JOB it is to lure those businesses, say.

No HONOURABLE business is going to branch into an area that they preceive is "corrupt", with government officials "on the take"-unless they-themselves are corrupt .

On today's show I had a guest from California who writes books about computers, smartphones,the internet, etc.  He had been a guest of mine many(8 or more) years ago. When I emailed him I asked

LbF :" do you remember being on the show with me...?"


author :  "Hi Louie!
> Of course I remember you and the wonderful corrupt world of 
> Youngstown, Ohio..."


No, not only does this author rub internet elbows with other business people, he also does stand-up comedy. In other words-speaks to a lot of people---AND HAS THE BELIEF-correct or not-that Y-town's corrupt !


We have a local who's put together a "book" proclaiming and "proving" that convicted ex-congressman Traficant's innocence !


Lest we forget-not only was Traficant convicted on ALL TEN counts in US Federal Court, but was kicked out of United States Congress by his (former) peers. Only one of 435 folks in congress voted NOT to kick Traficant OUT( btw- that ONE was Gary Condit-remember, Condit  was banging a young staffer who was later found murdered). When it came to a vote,Steve Latourette who made speech glorifying Traficant, didnt even vote to keep his "friend" in congress !


Ah, but  some  people of the Valley are planning a Welcome Back Jim parade-a parade showing the nation that we in the valley LOVE our disgraced, corrupt convicts !


You know, maybe that businessman's correct-maybe  Traficant DOES represent  this area- maybe we'll see by the parade turnout.

We CAN change how this area's perceived by others, but WE have to change OURSELVES first .

"It doesnt matter what I say
So long as I sing with inflection
That makes you feel that Ill convey
Some inner truth of vast reflection
But Ive said nothing so far
And I can keep it up for as long as it takes
And it dont matter who you are
If Im doing my job then its your resolve that breaks"



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