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On Monday, 31 August's show, Mahoning County Probate Judge Mark Belinky was my guest.

My objective here is NOT to talk further about the issues 'tween the Mahoning County Commisioners,Vindicator editorials,emailers,etc  and the probate judge. I DO want to deal ,briefly, with the response  to the question "Why negative comments and editorials re: Judge Belinky" ACTUALLY-I want to deal with the "anti-semitism" response to that question---the "why Judge Belinky" question.

I've had many,many emails that say,almost, the same thing : " Louie, do YOU believe it's anti-semitism ?"

Well, in a word : NO.

No, I do not. Worse than that, I feel that the accusation of anti-semitism , like the accusation of racism, when mis-used  here IS dangerous-for these  reasons.

#1: In this case, there is NO  evidence or reason to believe that the Vindicator,  any of the county officials, my emailers or callers, or letter writers[to me or the Vindicator] are anti-semitic.

#2: Lest we forget-Judge Belinky WON the Mahoning County Probate race over a "REAL GENTILE",Scott Hunter, by an overwhelming margin.

#3: The over-use of the accusation of anti-semitism actually  dilutes the  awfulness of anti-semitism.  REAL anti-semitism, like REAL racism-IS awful. 

#4: The result of    crying  "anti-semite" or "anti-semitism" can actually CREATE anti-semetic feelings when over or misused. 

So,again, in THIS case, I don't see, am aware, have heard or believe that George Tablack,Anthony Traficanti,David Ludt,Atty John McNally,Todd Franko and the Vindicator et,al or ANY of the "other county officials" are anti-semetic. They may or may not like Judge Belinky-but I believe that the charges of anti-semitism-HERE-are WRONG and should NOT be validated by the Judge or any member or the Jewish community!

Jewy b. Free

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