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Recently I saw a guy in a medical waiting room who’s arm tattoo caught my attention.

Did I see ZigZag Man on his arm??? I did - and some of you youngsters are asking “Who’s ZigZag Man ???

Well, gather ’round now kids, and let Papa Louie tell ya a story :

Once upon a time, many, many years ago when a lid was a lid, a dime had some mass to it and an you could get an ounce for a twenty, with enough change to put gas in the car AND buy munchie-satisfiers-the choice for CIGARETTE rolling papers was, well, TOPS or ZIG ZAGs !

In the 19th Century, during the battle of Sevastopol, a French soldier (also known as a “Zouave”) had his clay pipe broken by a bullet. He had the brilliant idea of rolling his tobacco in a piece of paper torn from a bag of gunpowder

In 1894, the Braunstein Brothers perfected the process of interleaving papers in a zig-zag manner and introduced a cigarette paper booklet under the name Zig-Zag®. In 1900, Zig-Zag gained international recognition when they were awarded a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris.

For over 100 years the image of Le Zouave has been part of all Zig-Zag cigarette papers as a tribute to that creative soldier. Today, Le Zouave and Zig-Zag are known throughout the world as a premium cigarette paper.

Le Zouave = Zig Zag Man !!!

I asked the gentleman(I’m being very generous) about the tattoo and he told me :” I got this tattoo in 1970-yeah, that’s like 40 years ago !” [ok, 38, but if he smoked so much that he got tattooed w/ Zig Zag man well…] Then he told me : “Most people don’t know who it really is, most think it’s Jesus…I guess you gotta be in our age group to know who it really is…”

Wow, the wisdom that comes with age !!!

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