Howard Dean Playbook-CRAP !!!-THIS is the Work of the Jewish National Fund !!!


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Regular LbF listeners have heard this joke :

 A Catholic, a Protestant and a Jew are all lost-at-sea in a life raft.

The Catholic and Protestant are praying and praying to God :" PLEASE God, save us, save us, help them rescue us, please,Please, PLEASE !!!!""

They look over at the Jew--he's sitting back, feet up, smoking a Partagás Lusitanias Cab 50, and just relaxing !!

The Catholic and Protestant both say to him : " Hey, why are you NOT praying ???  You're not even looking out for a rescue ? You don't even seem worried about being found ??? "

The Jew takes a draw on his Partagás, exhales and says : " Oh, we'll get rescued, I'm a major donor to the Jewish National Fund--THEY'LL  find me ! "

We'll, it's obvious to me that the O'Biden team have employed top-level folks from the JNF.  

 A family member of mine expressed interest in supporting the campaign and my phone has not  stopped ringing !! They've found me EVERYWHERE and at ALL TIMES !!!

So, if YOU are a campaign  volunteer or better yet, a contributor to the O'Biden camp and happen to get lost, stuck or 'go-missing'  o're the next 46 hours- worry not !!!! THEY'LL find YOU !!!!!

Oh, and BTW--Those of you contributors to the Jewish National Fund- y'all get a breather....for NOW !!!

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