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On the show, I occasionally talk about tarot symbolism .

Unfortunately, the tarot's often mis-characterized as a fortune-telling tool.

Some tarot decks are artistically beautiful, and very thought provoking.

The Tower card is fascinating .(see image at my schedule for 15.May.08)

Although the art differs w/every deck-there is a common theme.

Here's a few explanations/definitions of The Tower card:

*16: The Tower: A sudden and unexpected shock. A lighting bolt revelation. Having your world rocked. Finding out a powerful and previously unknown truth. Feeling shaken.*

*The Tower card denotes abrupt changes in life. The structure upon which you have built your ideals, beliefs, values or pride has become outdated, challenged and consumed by changes in its structure from the foundation on up. The tower you have built around your beliefs has no choice but to fall down, crumbling before your eyes.*



Marc Dann drew the Tower card today.

Here's the bright side for Marc that he probably cannot see w/crystal-clarity *yet*.

He will never have better opportunity to see more clearly .

Another interpretation of the Tower(by someone *VERY* close to me) is this:

"...when the smoke clears and the dust settles, there is no longer anything obstructing your vision, your reality..what you will see remaining are your true supporters, your true friends,your true loves, your solid building blocks, the blocks and people that you will need to re-build your life---once again. As you stand naked before them, be grateful for who and what's there, and the opportunity to build----again... for this is NOT the end, but a new beginning..."

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