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*The Cleveland Plain Dealer : "by his own actions and by those of the people he trusted the most, Dann has turned the attorney general's office into a laughingstock. He has embarrassed the good people who work there. He has embarrassed the governor whose coattails he rode into office, and their party. He has embarrassed his wife and children, who did nothing to deserve this. He has embarrassed the people who voted for him and those who depend on him. In short, Marc Dann has disgraced himself far more than he seems to realize. He has fallen so far, so fast, that it's impossible to see how he can recover, personally, politically or professionally. That's why he needs to go."*

*The Columbus Dispatch : "Ohio's Attorney General must be able to provide leadership, command respect and exercise strong judgment. Marc Dann has failed miserably in all three and is not fit to serve. Dann disgraced himself and his department, operating an office where the atmosphere was, in his words, 'embarrassingly undignified'."*

*The Cincinnati Enquirer: "the tone of an organization is set by its leader. By that criterion, Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann should resign. On Friday Dann fired two top aides and forced the resignation of another because they violated the department's sex harassment policy. An hour later Dann acknowledged in a press conference that the standard for such misconduct had been modeled on his own behavior, as he had conducted an extramarital affair with a young female staffer. Yet Dann had the gall to say he would not step down because he was doing a "great" job as attorney general. His hypocrisy is breathtaking."*

*The Akron Beacon Journal: "when Marc Dann likened himself to Eliot Spitzer, this is not what he had in mind. But the Ohio Attorney General's story should have the same outcome: a premature departure from office. Mr. Dann has become a laughingstock. He deserves to be. This time, the image is the reality. He has made his own reputation."*

*The Dayton Daily News : Our view: This has to be the end for Marc Dann."*

and Bertram de Souza says :*"Dann is toast "*

I am not sure that these 'editorialists' have not come to quickly-to their conclusions.

Y'all know that my relationship w/ Marc Dann o're the years has not be a pleasant one.

When I had Subbodh Chandra on my show ( 'live from the double-wide on the east side'), I thought I might need an escort to my car-which, at that time, was across from the outhouse[sounds more *adult* than 'port-a potty].

This isn't about my personal relationship w/ Marc Dann-this is about the viability of Ohio's Atty.General.

Yeah, and regular listeners know my feelings on the " I take responsibility for my actions"-CRAP ! Who else would or could be responsible for one's OWN ACTIONS????--- I really dislike that *and* the selfish 'poor me and my family' dreck that he's spreading. Marc, this didn't happen TO you-YOU DID this ! It's one thing if you are in the private sector, but the AG's office is OUR business !

Ok, but :

Just when the recent Marc Dann story/scandal was breaking, I had just finished reading Debbie Ford's book: "Why Good People Do Bad Things". When Debbie interviewed w/ me, we talked about Marc Dann and Eliot Spitzer. We know that Eliot Spitzer had made some great law-enforcement progress in New york while AG. I'm told by some state law enforcers that Marc Dann has done tremendous work for the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, etc.

Can Marc now be a better AG? -I don't know.

What I do know is that if, and I mean IF Marc's *really* cleansing his soul now-*really* doing a spiritual fire-walk, if Marc *really* understands why he did what he did-then maybe, just maybe, we have an opportunity to witness real growth and positive change. We believed that Marc had the potential to be a great AttyGeneral-after all, look at the vote count-now we can find out, now we can really KNOW if Marc *will* be a great AG.

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