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I'm proud,Jenny, PROUD.

Yeah, of course, there are those that attempted to take the votes out of our sails, but -No Way ! Jenny's got my number AND my vote !

I am proud because, for the first time in a long time, I KNOW that my vote counted, as so does the country.

Over the past years , there have been a number of books and articles in the New York Times and other media sources re: the election process in Ohio. Books and articles criticizing the Ohio elections process . I recall 2005 interviewing Gore Vidal about the book: WHAT WENT WRONG IN OHIO . As thrilled as I was having Gore Vidal on my show, there was a sense of embarrassment being in a state that had such a deteriorating elections system. As much as I love having my friend Greg Palast on the show-it always seemed to take outsiders, well at least out-of-staters alerting us to our failing elections process.

Ah, but then along came Jenny ! of course, I'm referring to *OUR* Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner !

I recall last fall(got a ring to it-eh?) reading my Sunday New York Times and saw an article about the Ohio elections system, but THIS time a POSITIVE article PRAISING OUR new Secretary of State,Jennifer Brunner's revamping,reworking,renovating our elections system- A POSITIVE ARTICLE !

OK, as great as it has been to finally read positive articles about Ohio elections, the pudding's proof was Primary Tuesday 2008 !

I don't need to count all of the positive changes that The Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner's (AND staff) have made-you can find them elsewhere----I found mine when I voted by paper ballot on Tuesday past...

Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to

You give me something I can hold on to

You don't know me but you make me so happy !!!

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