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  • Bear Behaviour

    -BEARS ARE PREDICTABLE. Bears are usually more predictable than people. Learn more about bears and how to interpret bear behaviour, so that you can react appropriately and avoid a negative encounter.

    -Bears...have very little desire to interact with humans.

    Not THIS BEAR and not THIS DAY.

    THIS BEAR !!  I'm talking about  Chief Patrick "BEAR"  Berarducci, Boardman Township Police Chief.  THIS BEAR interacts w/ humans VERY well !

    I invited Bear(arducci) and Boardman Twp Trustee Larry Moliterno to appear on the show today to talk about Boardman township's struggles and plans-oh, we did talk a bit about Boardman, but that was NOT the important topic-not today...

    Now,please know that I find BOTH of these guy to be very heart-centered, FEELING, REAL MEN- but today, Larry and I AND YOU, if you were listening (if not, you can listen to the archived show w/in a couple of days) heard a story of great sadness and courage.

    We learned that  THIS  Bear had a son who passed away at the age of 20 years. We also learned that THIS  Bear's son spent those 20 years in a 'hospital'-never coming home and never  able to recognize his father and mother.

    Parents usually wonder what their child's first word will be and when will their little one say "Mom", or, will it be "Dad" first -not this time, not for this child, not for THIS Bear.

    All of the hopes and dreams that a parent has-disappeared.

    I cannot imagine all of the pain that THIS BEAR must feel .

    All of the pain for TWENTY years. From getting up in the morning w/ a heart full of pain, dragging that pain-filled heart that gets heavier and heavier throughout the day-until bed time and the awful feeling of that pain dragging itself into your dreams. A pain that never ends-never. A pain that THIS BEAR carried for TWENTY YEARS and will carry all of his life. From his heroic  work as a U.S. ATF agent in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing murders to preserving life in the aftermath of  destruction that was  Hurricane Katrina

    I think of all the lives that the work of THIS BEAR has saved. I think of how THIS BEAR has improved the quality of life throughout his entire career- and all the time, carrying his own pain, a heart-piercing pain that THIS BEAR  carried and carries while he helps others.

    I was struck by THIS BEARS compassion when he was first on the show w/ me.

    He tells us today about forgiveness and the importance of moving forward w/ faith-but I honestly do not know how he does it-but I'm glad he's able to...

    I don't really know  how or why it came out today.

    Before THIS BEAR arrived today, Larry and I were talking about  the importance of not judging people-actually,Larry was talking about how someone would react to seeing me for the first time-not knowing what my life-experiences were(what 'cha trying to say there-Larry??)

    Little did either one us know what we were about to learn about THIS BEAR.

    I know some  other families that have lost children at a very young age. I don't know that pain, but I have seen it-I've seen it on their faces when they try to hide it...I saw that again today. I saw it as I learned of THIS BEAR's pain, as WE learned of THIS BEAR's pain...

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